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Thinking About Paris — Faith in Ourselves or Faith in God


What a sad day in Paris. The world is wondering —  Why?

And as a parent an even more horrifying question is Was my child in that concert hall?

Sitting in my tiny office, I’m trying to come up with a catchy blog that someone will enjoy reading, but all I can think of is the mayhem in Paris.

I’m beyond asking why things like this happen. Instead my mind goes straight to the broken hearts of all the parents who are now  grieving  for their beloved sons, daughters, and the children they left behind.

I can imagine the horror finding out that my child was killed at the concert. And I can imagine an even greater horror — having to go and identify the body.

This event could have happened now in New York or the Philippines.  I have a son in each of these places. Either one of my boys could be in a concert hall that is targeted. If such a terrible thing happened, I would be on the floor curled up  and numb to the bone. 

This is the reason why I on lean on my faith. For me, what else is there?

We either have faith in ourselves or faith in a higher power that can do the impossible, provide us with peace and comfort and help us find solace when our world becomes upside down. I find that if I only have faith in myself, I’m doing it all on my own and fear appears. Fear gets my nerves in a frenzy because of my need to control the outcome. It is not a good space to be in.

My faith is in God. When I trust and believe in Him, fear lessens. For I know God has the power to protect and shelter my boys from harm and work miracles in their lives. That is where I place my faith.

My point is this — we have no control over the future. We can’t be with our grown children every hour of their lives.

We can only pray for our children on their behalf and have faith that God goes before them in all that they do. Every time I’m done praying for my boys, I hear God saying to me, “I’ve got their backs. Don’t worry.” And I remind myself I can’t worry and pray at the same time.

Dear God,
I know that you will transform whatever evil is going on in Paris into good for your own purpose. At times I don’t understand at all what is happening in this world. Draw Paris close to you.
Deliver them from this heartbreaking event. And give them strength to rise above their pain and help them and the world come together for peace.

Thank you. Amen.










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Get in the love den NOW! I’m Ovulating! Part 2

IMG_5501-4“Ruby, relax . . . the baby will come.”

“I want tell yuuuu how proud I am with your blog.
Your brother James, man he is in bondage.
Give me his birthdates.
I’m into Numerology. Maybe I can help him.

And your sister Rita Mae is a hoot.
I can relate about her fuss about A/C. I told Sterling
when we moved into our condo, ‘Baby, you need to make
me happy! I had A/C in Dallas and I’m not about to start
fannin’ myself now.'”

Like Ruby I felt the same way about God growing up.

I had this vision he is gonna whip me into shape for sinning.
And that’s why I once walked away from church. But, then
I learned that his Son — he died
on the cross for my sins. He took my place to set me free.
It was life changing for me to know that if I do
something bad, he will not disown me.

I don’t know why my Ruby can’t conceive.

But I told her that maybe it is not in God’s plan
for her to give birth to a baby. I know Ruby desires
the experience of having a bump for 9 months
and swollen ankles. But, maybe his plan is for her to adopt a
child that needs two loving parents who can provide all her
or his needs. Perhaps there is a baby out there that is trying
to find Ruby and Sterling. I told Ruby to stay open.

Let’s pray . . .

Dear God,
Bless Ruby with the ability to have a child.
But if it is not in your plan, may her heart be open
to other ways of caring for one.

Many times we think our plans are so much
better than yours, in Isaiah 55v11 you say to us:
Your thoughts are not my thoughts,
my ways are not your ways . . . my ways go far
beyond what you can ever imagine.


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Golden Truths



For the last seven months
showing up every Wednesday
for Bible class has helped me a lot.

The class has provided structure in my weekly schedule.
I have a place to go. I wake up, shower and dress up, and show up at a church.
There, I join a group of women who talk about the Bible.

Discussing God and our Savior Jesus Christ is what my whole
body and soul needs during the time of transition in our family.

The women in my group are going
through empty nest syndrome, knee replacement,
cancer,  being newly widowed, and difficult or messy life mishaps with their grown children.

Of course, what happens in BSC (bible study class)  stays in BSC.

However, I can share some
golden truths about God and
how I have applied his truths
in my life based on listening and participating in BSC.

Here are a few golden truths on how God
has helped me live during this transitional season in my life.

1. He has taught me that every morning I need to decide on whether to live in fear or in faith.

I have a basket full of fears. Many of my fears are about my adult children living on opposite sides of the globe. My fears are endless. I worry who their friends are—are they drug
dealers? I wonder can they support themselves with the jobs they have?
I worry about the  kinds of ladies are they dating.

If I didn’t have God in my life and faith in Him. I would be a complete basket case. Everyday I take whatever fearful thought I have about my boys and give it to God.
I have faith that he is the only one who knows their every move.
He can guide, protect, and watch over my two sons.

2. He has shown me (often through my husband!) that my words and actions reveal what is in my heart.

Sometimes what is in my heart is crud. This trips me up every time. I constantly have to keep my behavior in-check especially in front of Ole Wise One.

Just last week I was  busy doing the dishes and running my mouth at the same time. I was judging  a dead uncle (my whole family never liked him) and going down the list about how he took up nothing but space in my aunt’s home.  To this day, I still can’t let it go.Then, I got on my aunt’s case how she never left his  lazy a–.

“And you attend Bible study, right?” Ole Wise One chimed in as he peeled an orange.

“Yes, once a week. I know. I shouldn’t be talking about my dear aunt like that.” I tell him. I continued, “I wonder if my uncle was just really good in bed? He was bright with his remote control and knew all the  NBA  players and never left his chair during March Madness . . . ,” turning to my husband, I add, “You  are a better person than me, for sure.”

“That’s right, hon. You need to let it go. The man is dead for crying out loud.”

See that, he is so right on and he puts me in my place.

3. God encourages me to do everything without complaining or grumbling.

When we complain we focus on what we don’t have.
We are ungrateful.

I used to complain many times during the day— but now, not so much.

My husband and I are blessed. We have food in our frig. We have our limps, but we can still paddleboard or  run a 5K. We have shiny cars that run smooth.
We  have jobs that pay for trips to Maui or Manhattan.
We have all our digital toys—iPads, iPhones, laptops–attached to us or around us all day long.

When we complain we are saying to God, “Is this the best you can do? Is this it?”

When I question God if this is his best, I’m being downer, soul-sucking, spoiled person.
I don’t want to be that person. It’s contagious.
When I catch myself trying on a pair of shorts and notice lots of varicose veins. I stop, turn my thinking around, look down at my legs, and say, “Thank you God.”

“I have my legs that can bend and take on a 10-mile hike.  I don’t need a knee replacement
and varicose veins are not cancer.”

4. With God, I know that when I’m confused about something or feel that something is beyond my control, I can turn to Him. I can pray about it.

God is the God of peace, not confusion.

Let’s pray.

Dear God,
Attending Bible class once a week has been good for me and it came at
such a perfect time in my life.

Thank you for blessing our group with talented leaders. Thank you for groups  such as this because they provide a way to get to know you, learn what you are all about, seek your guidance, receive your forgiveness, and appreciate your wisdom. Bible study classes provide a way to know that you love us and that we are always within your reach.

Amen, Lola