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Sunday Scripture 2

Hohoho . . . video blog friends,
Welcome to Sunday Scriptures.
Are you feeling the stress of the season?
I am!
Getting your tree, decorating the home,
going to the mall hoping to find the perfect
parking space.
I have the answer–one word.
Take a look at my video. Cheers.

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His Dirty Socks Are On The Floor, Again

My brother’s girlfriend, Shauna,
and I were at Starbucks waiting for our

Our conversation led to relationships.
We both knew this one couple that
she was talking about.

“I got a call from Teddy the other day.”

“Yah, what does Teddy have to say?”

“He said, ‘Nigel and I are not getting along these days
he is so inconsiderate. He is late
on everything from getting ready to go out
to paying half his share of the bills. And
his dirty socks never make it to the laundry room.’ ”

My Dumbo ears turned toward her. I know all about
dirty socks on the floor.

“I told Teddy . . . when you met him
and fell in love, you fell in love with
all his sweetness and his carry-on luggage.
He was already late and his socks were already on the floor.
You can’t change him. You can
only change who you are.”

“Hellelujah.  Isn’t that the truth,” I said.

Slowly sipping my coconut latte, I began to think about  one of my favorite prayers — the Serenity Prayer.

It is used by Alcoholics Anonymous
and similar 12-step programs.
From alcohol to drugs to
dirty socks on the floor — it is all relevant.
You cannot change the other person.

The Serenity Prayer goes like this:
God, grant me the serenity to accept the
things I cannot change ,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.


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How Do You Show Your Love



How do you show your love?

Do you cook a favorite dish to bring or share?
Do you surprise a special person in your life with their favorite wine?
Do you go pick up a friend and treat them to lunch?

Once a week, I pick up my mother and take her to
the bank or we go have a latte at Starbucks.
Then, I take her  to her favorite Asian market. For some reason
we always end up at the Asian market. It’s a pattern.
But, sometimes we switch it up. Whooppee!!!
We go the market first and THEN have a latte.

The Asian market is located on a corner with
tight parking  and it is always full. I hate it! I’m a snob. I like my cars to be
shiny, clean, and ding free. Just sayin’.

When we enter the store, Mother goes ahead while I
grab a Barbie doll-size  cart. My job is to  follow her and listen.

“Oh,  mangoes. Bery good . . . last week I buy one box,
bery sweet. Today, I get two box. I give to my kids.”

Oh, Holy Spirit, help me. My mother is now promoting mangoes.

Like their parking lot, the aisles in the Asian market drive me nuts.
When others want to pass me, I have to stand in place and not move so they
can zig-zag their own Barbie doll-sized cart past me.

It’s insane. Can’t the owners just make the aisles wider? Guess not.

“I cook for sister-in- law. She tells me she like fish so I cook.”

“Right on, Mother.”

“We go next week and deliver fish.”

I nod.

This can’t be my life. It is all a dream.

“Did you get everything you want at the store?”

“Tank you Lord. I remember soy sauce.
Almost forget.  You know,  I feel happy when I cook and give.”
She continues to talk to me as I merge onto the freeway.

After I dropped off my mother, I realized that what she said made sense.
She demonstrates her love by making favorite dishes for her loved ones.  Cooking tasty dishes is her way of being creative, and let me tell you—the lady CAN COOK.  There are dishes that I will eat every five years ONLY if my mother has prepared them. One is liver. Gross, you say. Well, like I said, every five years I’ll eat it and my mother has to be the chef—and there have to be lots of onions.

Try it, you just might like it.

After being with  my mother, I ended up asking myself how do I show my love?

Here is my list:
*To my husband, sometimes during our walks and when the mood strikes, I hold his hand and say “love you.”
*I show my love to my friends by buying their favorite wine and drinking it with them.  Or I text them to ask about their day.
* I show love to my boys by telling them I’m proud of them and by listening to what they have to say.
*I show my love to my mother by setting aside one day each week to spend time with her and help her with her errands like going to the Asian market.

What does your list look like?

Dear God,
Thank you for showing me how my mother shows her love to others.
I always learn something from her even if I don’t want to.

Situations like these teach us to be better  human beings,
taking us away from focusing only on ourselves and helping us to put our energy into showing our love for others.



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What is this man doing? Well, I have news for him.
I am talking to myself again.

Let me back up.
We went to a jazz concert last week.
Ol’ Wise One bought two tickets for a Friday night date.

I didn’t feel like going. It was dark
and rainy; hail came pouring down earlier in the day.
My idea of a date is rent a movie and sit next to each other on the couch.
With two bowls of popcorn between us.
Why two bowls?
I eat popcorn with no butter and no salt, and
he has his with lots of butter and tons of salt.

We had about 30 minutes until showtime,
and, of course, what do you know, there is a Starbucks
in the building right next to where we have to enter for the concert.

We get our bodies in line just like everyone else.
Then, this man in a wheelchair with Bob Marley dreadlocks
and his wife with the same hairstyle and pushing his chair begin to inch
in front of us. Really?

Oh wow, the voice in my head—the one that is always talking—got louder and louder.
Do they not see there is a line?
Just because you are in a chair, Bob Marley, does not mean you can
cut in line! I know you can’t walk, but I”m sure you have eyes.

The inner chatter went on and on.

I pretended that I didn’t see them.
Instead, my whole focus was on the butter croissants
all lined up perfectly straight in a row inside the display case at Starbucks.
I was wondering if my husband noticed that I was not budging an inch
for this man and his wife with the Bob Marley dreads.

Then, I felt my husband’s hand on my elbow
pulling me back.

“Let them go first,” he whispered in my ear.

I turned to my husband. “Why is it
that you don’t go to church unless someone
dies and you don’t attend bible class, but yet
you are such a gracious being? I’m the one
who goes to bible class and pray each day
and I have a “No, don’t think you are cutting in front of me just because you are
in a wheelchair” attitude?

“I don’t need to go to class to
show kindness to a man in a wheelchair.
He is in a wheelchair. We’re not. Our boys and grandson
can walk and run. He can’t.”
Ahh . . . I see your point.

I have come to realize
in the most unlikely moments, God is
always giving me  the chance to
put in action what I’m learning in bible class.

Dear God,
It would be unfortunate for me to be unable to walk or run.
I am grateful to you that I have my health and mobility.

Help me to be  patient with and always gracious to
others who have  physical limitations.