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Get in the love den NOW! I’m Ovulating! Part 1

IMG_5501-4My classmate Ruby and I met for lunch.
It’s been entertaining getting to know her over the last year.

She and her husband, Sterling, have been trying to have a baby. So far, every
month has been a disappointment.

What I love about her is our equal opportunity talks about our lives.

She always asks to see pictures and videos of Napoleon although I know she is
aching for a baby.

During lunch, as she digs into her chop salad I see the corner of her false lashes
peeling. At any moment now, I wonder if the lashes will become part of her lunch.

Should I say something?

Never mind, I think she feels that they are about to jump down on a crouton.
“Excuse me my falsies are comin’ off,” she says reaching for her compact.

“Lola, do think I’m being punished?” she asks me while fidgeting with her
lashes. I was always misbehavin’ in high school. The things I did! And
now we are trying’ to have a baby . . . I yelled at Sterling this last Sunday, ‘Baby, get in the love den NOW! I’m OVULATING. And guess what? Sex is now work.”

Love den? Who has a love den?

“Praise God someone is getting lucky,” I respond taking mini sips of my Syrah.

“I’m serious,” she says.

“You are not being punished,” I sigh. “To me God is not the God of punishment.”

“Well, I grew up Catholic in Dallas and when I was a lil’ girl in Sunday school they talked about if you don’t do this or that God will punish you.”

“I heard the same thing. I don’t believe God is up there with a whip ready to use it on his children if we do something wrong. Would you whip your child?
God does do ‘time out’ maybe but he does not whip his people.”

“You sure ’bout that? This not being able to have a baby is not a punishment?
I hate to think I blocked my own Karma.”

*****Part 2 tomorrow