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I wish Jesus had said “I am the pie à la mode of life”



I finally understood this verse. It took awhile.

Reading my notes from bible class I come across
John 6 v 35: I am the bread of life, whoever comes to
me will never go hungry.

As I meditate on these words,
suddenly the light in my brain switches on.

When I eat bread I get full, satisfied, and happy and
more fat gets stored under my chin. When we go to
Jesus and consume his word, I get full of his thoughts
and his ways, but I don’t get physically fat.
When we read the bible, our bodies are filled with
his spirit to direct us in the way he desires for us to go.

But the more I think about this verse, the more I realize
that I really wish Jesus had said,
“I am the bread and butter of life, whoever comes to
me will never go hungry.”

Butter is bread’s BF.
I eat more bread when there’s Blue Bonnet on it.

OR, what if Jesus had said: “I am the pie à la mode of life”

I’d devour the bible each night if it gave
me that same sugar high as a slice of homemade pie.
Actually, when I read the bible, I do get a high, but to
get that high I have to MAKE TIME  for it.

Eating? My day revolves around eating. It’s no trouble
at all to MAKE TIME for eating for me.
Place a pie with ice cream in my face, and I ‘ll greedily
eat the whole pie and lick the  platter.

Here’s what I know. Food and God’s Word go together.
That is what Jesus was talking about. Treat knowing the
bible like guilt-free eating.
Read/eat the words of God until you are satisfied and full.
Your faith will expand but not your waistline.
And with his spirit, your confidence will grow as you cast
your net into the sea of possibilities for your dreams.

God’s word is like a slice of good bread with lots of butter on it.
It is like a big piece of delicious pie in front of us.
Take a big bite. Pick up your fork and dig in. Savor.
Consume scripture and let it roll around in your tummy
and nourish every cell in your body.
Taste and feel the goodness of God’s  word  in your life.


Buh-Bye Now



When do you know when you had enough?
When do you say “Buh-bye now” to someone who is
not pleasant to be with?

Eunice is a relative of mine.

Sunday Ol’ Wise One and I drive up to
her favorite casino in the middle of
the Pacific Northwest where the roadsides are
dense with fall-colored trees. We have
done this drive for the last 28 years. Suffice to say,
before the journey I say to myself “Please, God, help me today” prayer.

Eunice loves celebrating her birthday inside Casino Royale where
it is dark , smelly, and filled with chain smokers. Just where
you want to spend your bright sunny Sunday.

I go along for this ride and this birthday lunch
out of respect for Ol’ Wise One.

When lunch is over and we are walking to her car,
I hug Eunice to say goodbye and she doesn’t hug back.
It is as if I have some incurable virus. And she doesn’t care to
say thank you for for the gift, the lunch, and our time to make the three-hour drive
to meet her for her birthday.

Eunice has always been this way. Why expect anything different?
I keep hoping she will change her ways. But, this particular
day something in me awakens. I finally realize it is me
who needs to change. I have had enough of her rudeness and ungrateful

Eunice is now in her own car and we walk to ours. I am deep in thought.
Suddenly, I tell myself,“This is where it stops. This is where I draw the line.”
I have clarity. I will not be deterred in any way.

I have been patient for 28 years. Now it is time to say: Buh-bye now.
No more birthday lunches with Eunice for me.

When we begin to honor who we are . . . we make room for the
universe to bless us with something better that is more meaningful and enjoyable.
Our choice honors and symbolizes our appreciation for our precious time left on this planet.

Dear God,
I release this situation to you.
You blessed me with wisdom and guidance to
do the right thing for 28 years. I have shown up, honored and respected this relative.
I will now step aside.

Amen. Lola

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Julian and Kim’s Wedding


Hello Blogger friends,

Now that my summer activities have finally calmed down,
I can sit in front of my white screen to create a masterpiece.

Last week I attended Julian and Kim’s wedding. Julian is my nephew.

The wedding made me believe, once again, that it  comes down to love
and promises to keep our hearts beating and our souls alive.

It was a garden wedding with white chairs all in rows. I prayed to God
that it would be sunny and 70 degrees on their wedding day for selfish reasons.
My hair does better in sunny weather. As always, God had other plans.
It was a little cloudy and threatening to rain.

Guests  were arriving and taking their designated seats appointed by
Shanelynn, my sister who happens to be the GO TO person at family events

As any wedding goes, there are hiccups along the way, like Julian’s mother was late.
She was caught in traffic or couldn’t find parking…we will never know.
What is important is that she got there!

The wedding was officiated by Julian’s cousin Chrystal. She has no theology degree
nor is she a pastor. She went on the Internet, registered herself to officiate at
weddings, and violá! She can now officiate. I had no idea it’s that simple.
I think it’s a pretty nice weekend gig.

Chrystal did a lovely job. The service was lighthearted , poignant, and quick.

What got to me was their wedding vows. We should all write our own wedding
vows like they did. When the vows are written by the bride and groom, the sweeter
and heartfelt the words become.

As it shows in the video (that I will share), they spoke of being together, making
each other laugh, and being each other’s best friend. They vowed to never go
to bed angry, to hold each other ‘s hands, and to give each other’s lives to keep.

Listening to their vows made me think of my own marriage.
It was refreshing to witness once again what young love is all about
and the promises made to each other.

For sure the love and devotion that Julian and Kim have for each other
will last as long as my marriage of 27 years has.
I hope so.

For I know one thing, a lasting marriage is the sum of all these parts;
being committed to each other, having the desire to make it work, being brave
enough to always keep your hearts open to the light in order to reflect the
promises of tomorrow

I hope you enjoy Julian and Kim’s beautiful wedding video.

Dear God,

Julian and Kim’s wedding was perfect in every way.

Thank you,


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Lemons But No Juicer, Part 2

IMG_5257-2*Arise (from the depression and prostration in which
circumstances have kept you -rise to a new life)!
Shine (be radiant with the glory of the Lord) for
your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen
upon you!
Isaiah 60 v 1

I knew what I DIDN’T want. I didn’t want to be
under the covers, sleeping until noon, with life passing me by.
I didn’t want to blame others for my dreams and goals
not coming true. I didn’t want to be bitter, overweight, unhappy, lifeless, and
without energy.

Deep inside myself, I wanted to get better. I decided to

What I do know: You gotta want it.

I desire to be all that I can be.

During my bouts of depression and anxiety, I still
had my faith. I knew that God was still in the healing business
and that he still cared for me.
I began to pray in my bed with the covers up to
my ears . . . I prayed around the kitchen
and in the bathroom.

Suddenly, I had this smile in my face.

Here I am asking God for direction
for my life and yet I am still in my nightgown.
How can God use me and all my gifts
if I ‘m not properly dressed?

It hit me. I realized when you are in bed and can’t
seem to get up, you just need to do one thing so God can help you. Put your clothes on!

But, not the T-shirt that has spaghetti stains on it.
Dress well. Put on clothes that make you feel good and say out loud

Start with small goals. Email that one person who
may know of a job opening. If you take the first
step toward a goal, the God of the universe will
step forward to meet you.

He is a God of
miracles and he can open doors of opportunity
when in your mind you are thinking “that door does not
exist.” God will say to you
“Yes, it does and if it doesn’t I’ll build a door.”

Write down small goals and follow through.
Next week, challenge yourself and make your next goal bigger than the last one.

Do what I do: Pray over your goals. I do this all
the time. I ask God to help me achieve what is on my
list. If it’s his will, he will bring the items on the list to fruition.
If not , he has something else better in mind.

We all have lemons in on our kitchen counter. Today, go get a juicer,
plug it in, and turn it ON.

Cheers to you.

Dear God,
I surrender my brother to you. I don’t know
what to do anymore.

I do know that
you love and care for all the lost and depress souls.
May you turn their lives around, bless them
with renewed interest, and a fresh direction
like you did with me.



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You Are Unstoppable, Part 1


May I find meaningful work and meaningful
activity in my life.
I desire to wake up each morning and feel
that I am used on behalf of something
glorious.        by M. Williamson

Who is in your S3SS?

S3SS stands for Super 3 Support System.

Having a super support system
was a reoccurring theme during
my cousin’s graduation ceremony.

In the early morning, I had
a throbbing behind-the-eyes migraine.

“Today is not the day to have anything wrong with me,” I told myself while I tossed and turned in bed.
“Man, I have to show up.
Plus, there’s food and wine afterwards. Can’t miss that.”

I managed to soothe my migraine and
I showed up.

It was an inspiring and motivating day. About 300 grads
completed their degrees in their chosen field. Each one had a moving story to share, but we couldn’t hear all 300 stories. We would have been there until midnight. Two candidates were selected to share how they made it.

LEAH HANSEN worked for the Department of Corrections for 25 years.
In order for her to move forward in her career, she had to get
her Bachelor’s degree. She had all sorts of excuses to not do it:

I’m a single mom. I work full time. Who will
care for my son if I’m doing homework? How can I afford
college? All these excuses were in the way and would not let her move from point
A to point B. But, she had a support system to help her.

Leah’s super three support system included her mom, stepdad,
and best friend and they told her:
“If you set your mind on doing something good–you can do the impossible.”
With this in mind she applied to college, got in, and pursued her degree.

With focus, determination, and
help from her family she now has a degree in criminal justice.

Dang! When I heard that I reached for a tissue.

We make excuses everyday, don’t we?

**********PART 2 tomorrow

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Big Fat Juicy Bacon Cheeseburger


Today . . . the rhythm of the universe
can’t be ignored. The sky is a pretty blue and the sun is out and
everyone seems to be in a happy mood.

I notice people are friendlier during sunny days in the Pacific Northwest.  Everyone I pass by
is wearing pretty summer dresses,  summer T-shirts, shorts, and sandals.
I ruminate over the words in Psalms 118:24.
This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.
I should be rejoicing, singing, and skippin’ to my Starbucks office, but nooo. Not me. Not today.
I feel depleted.
I have no confidence in my  writing; my right side of the brain is not working.
What holds my interest more is wrapping my fingers around
a big fat juicy double cheeseburger with bacon.

What on earth is going on with my brain?

I am reminded of my BF saying something to me the other day about focusing on what is missing in her life, particularly in her marriage, and it made her sad.
Then she caught herself shifting her thoughts. She began to focus on what is working in her marriage. She felt better.

So, the big fat burger will just have to wait for now.

Let me try that exercise. Let me make a list of the
Top 6 things that are working in my life.
Perhaps I will feel better, too.

1. I will get to babysit my grandson, Napoleon, here in Seattle in two months. His parents are going off to a resort for some R&R. I CANNOT WAIT.
Get this . . . my neighbor has a car seat and a playpen for me to use! It’s all meant to be.

2. My nephew and his finance are tying the knot this fall. I’m so excited for them, plus I have a reason to go buy a new dress. Cuz, I never have anything to wear don’t cha know!

3. I GET TO speak at a retreat in two weeks.
Give me a microphone and an audience and I’m
in my ZONE.

4. Ol’ Wise One and I go for walks. Praise God, we have pain-free legs and hips to cover seven miles of beach and parks close to our condo.

5. I get to keep my own work hours so I’m able to
do one of my favorite things in life–go to the gym for an hour and sweat like a pig.
I love it.

6. This Friday I GET TO spend some time
all by myself to do anything I want.
I will not run errands, look over rental agreements,
cook or clean. Just thinking about this time on my hands makes me feel
energetic and giddy.

Now! I’m I’m in rhythm with the universe.
Now, it is time for my Big Fat Juicy Bacon Cheeseburger washed down with a diet Pepsi.

Share with me what you do to get your
brain and body in rhythm with the universe.

Dear God,
I have so much great stuff.
And things are working out in my life.
At times I can’t see. Forgive me for being blind.

Help us begin each day with
good thoughts about You and the beauty that surrounds us.

Thank you.

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My BF Mish and I had an uplifting phone conversation this morning.
I shared about our 12 days in Manhattan — how Ol’ Wise One and I had a relaxing time seeing our son, Ralph. We spent time  with him by strolling through Central Park,
attending three plays, and visiting the top of The Empire State Building.

In the middle of our trip, we bought  tickets  to a Yankees game in the Bronx. After the game, we hailed a cab back to our hotel. An intense conversation ensued with our taxi driver  who we thought understood the address we gave him. Apparently not, he thought we said Harlem. Really. Do we look like we have things to do in Harlem?

“We had a fantastic time doing tourist stuff. The only thing we didn’t do was ride the scenic tour bus, and I prayed before we left that God would open our hearts and to enjoy each others’ company. My prayers were answered.”

Mish shared what was going on in her life while I was on vacation.
“I have another client,” she announced.
I gasped. “No kidding? I was praying the other day that God would put women in your life to counsel.”
“Thank you for that. Yes . . . this one woman called me and said she wanted to know more about the book The Desire Map and how to apply it in her life.”

A little background about Mish. In the past, she has looked for ways to reach out to women who are survivors of abuse. She is a survivor, too. The Desire Map: A guide to creating goals with soul
landed on her lap and she began to apply the principles in her life.

This book spoke to her. It has given her balance, awareness, authenticity, and energy to go after what she desires. In addition to one-on-one counseling, she leads retreats at
her home that teach women how to meditate and develop goals that make them feel good. She is a guide who helps people unleash desires and goals that have been hiding out in their hearts.

“My new name is Dynamic Badass,” she said. We both laughed.

After the call  with Dynamic Badass, I thought why not call my mother? I’m already on the phone.  I’m sure she would love to hear my voice.

“Hi Mother. How are you? Did my brothers take care of you?”
“Ohh, a miracle,” she says.

Oh nice, Mother has good news.

“You know, I pray to God one night. I say, “Oh Lord, please tell my son, Ed, to call me. I want to go to out, to casino. I have no driver. Lola is in New York. Then, next day your brother, Ed, call me. Oh my God, Tank you, Lord. I say.”

I can imagine my mother the night before fervently praying . . . twirling her rosary beads asking God to produce his next miracle — Ed picking up the phone to call our mother.

After talking to the two most important women in my life, I’m in awe of how God works in our lives.

My son, Ralph, is growing and maturing. He is finding his way in and out of Manhattan. I saw him in action with our New York cab driver who spoke  no English.
I was impressed, he takes no sh– from these guys! Right on! I say.
I keep telling myself, if my baby can make it in New York. He can make it anywhere. New York is schooling him at moment. But, he seems to be a fast learner.

I thank God each day for giving me the strength to let him go and be the man God wants him to be.

With respect to Dynamic Badass and my mother, I have never met individuals more generous
than these two ladies. Dynamic Badass is known for giving free counseling and my mother is known for her own version of Meals on Wheels.
I know that it is because of their giving spirits that God keeps blessing them with goodness in their lives. This I know — God blesses you as you bless others!

Dear God,
Thank you so much for listening to our prayers.
And for caring for us.

Continue to transform our minds each day. May we put our lives and concerns in your hands first knowing that you have the best outcome in store for us.

Amen, Lola

P.S For information on The Desire Map retreats/ counseling  email Mish at

Pictures from NY