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Sunday Scripture 2

Hohoho . . . video blog friends,
Welcome to Sunday Scriptures.
Are you feeling the stress of the season?
I am!
Getting your tree, decorating the home,
going to the mall hoping to find the perfect
parking space.
I have the answer–one word.
Take a look at my video. Cheers.

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Thanksgiving Day ( wine begins at 11 a.m. ) Part 2


I ran Plan B by my mom. Her eyes lit up.

“Ohhh . . . no terkey? You lazy to cook on Tankgibing? Ok with me . . . too much cooking. You relaxxx. You tell your brather to take me to casino. I play penny slot machine. You know, my hand bery itchy.”

I nod. She tells me all the time that itchy hands and palms is a sign of money coming your way.

“So I go to casino, ok?”

That idea was brilliant. I became lighter. My spirit in me began to dance.

My point is to ask yourself what will make you calm, centered, and grateful on this holiday. Do that.

Thanksgiving is a tradition. It is being with families and friends. However, life is in constant motion. Go with it . . . our kids grow up and move far away. The landscape of the family changes.

If you are hostessing make sure you have your big girl britches on and an effervescent smile.

Otherwise your visitors will feel that undercurrent of being stressed out. They will experience how much shopping, cleaning, and cooking is a chore. Do you want that for the people you love? If not, then do what works for you.

Ol’ Wise One does. He is on the couch. It works for him.

Are your hands and palms itchy? Go to the casino, but just this once — I’m not saying to make it a habit, I’m saying “Enjoy yourself. Be light.”

And what about me on Thanksgiving? Oh, I have great plans. I will go to Starbucks get my latte and use their WiFi to do some social media. Then, I will head to my gym before they close their doors at noon. My church will be open, so I’ll go light a candle for everyone in my tribe.

The rest of my day will remain a mystery. That works for me.

What works for you on this holiday?

Dear God,

Thanksgiving is a day to take note of what we have and what we are grateful for. It is a tradition of getting together and celebrating. As life changes, we change, too.

Remind us each day to be grateful. Being grateful doesn’t just have to be on this day. Open our eyes to take note of what is in front of us and it is enough. Thank you.

Amen, Lola

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One Day It Will All Make Sense



Sitting across from Ralph I feel a vibe that I can’t
describe. I only sense it.

“Mom, it will all come together,” he says.
These are the perfect words for me to hear as I struggle with uncertainty about what the heck I’m doing with my life.

Ralph and I share bits and pieces of conversation
about his career and opportunities in New York as relatives are vying for time with him. He only had three days to visit. He came to attend his cousin’s wedding. [It was a really good time. See photo below.]


My son. In front of me is young man that I pray for nightly.
I pray that he will grow up to use all his talents, be respectful, down to earth . . . all the things that you hope your child becomes. What I sense is that he has all those good qualities and much more.

We have a couple of hours till the wedding so I ask him about his job.

“I like my two bosses. And you asked me two months ago when I started how I would rate it.”

“And what is it from 1-10?” I inquire again. “And don’t tell me what I want to hear just because I’m your mother.”

“It is a 7.5. On a good day an 8.” He smiles.

“Your position is different from what you originally told me you desired to do. I’m confused. I thought you wanted to represent talented artists?”

“That plus produce one day . . . right now I’m marketing Indie films. One day it will all make sense.”

“So . . . what do I tell friends who want to know why you are living in New York?”

“You tell them to keep their eyes open for my name in five years.”

AWW . . . Oh . . . he’s gooood. I’ll use that too when people ask me what the heck I’m doing with my life.

Now I know how to describe the vibe I am getting from my son . . . it is his quiet confidence. I love that about him. I think it’s sexy.
Now, mind you, I know it sounds weird using the word “sexy” as I talk about my son, but you know what I mean.

Having a quiet confidence, whether you are a man or woman, is sexy. There is nothing so annoying as someone constantly boasting about his/her life changing accomplishments.

This I know . . . keep moving forward. Don’t stop.
Don’t let uncertainty and doubts get you down.
Ask God to show you the way. The path will appear.
Trust that it will all come together and make sense.

I made many wrong turns along the way in my life by simply of not checking in first with what God’s plans are for my life. I learned that when go around thinking that I can do it all myself, my plans turn out to be disastrous. And, I tell yah, life is such a B$#@&*! when I try to be in control.

Dear God,
Seems to me you are taking good care of my son living in the Big Apple.
Please continue to teach him the way, light his path, and always find favor in him.

Thank you.

Amen, Lola

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You Are Unstoppable, Part 2

Today, if you want to do something big and rewarding for yourself
and for the universe–get started.

MELVIN PHAN came to the United States from Vietnam
25 years ago.
Melvin worked in his chosen field of engineering.
With his love of learning and a desire for more for
himself and family he wanted to go as far as
he could with his education.

He set his sights on getting his PhD in Management and Organizational Leadership. With support from his wife, son,
and mentor he now has a PhD by his name.

He said in his speech
“When you know your purpose and have the desire to

A candidate that I know oh too well that is
unstoppable is my cousin Jerrie.

She is the eldest of three children.
We have similar traits.
* We are first-born children.
*We are both ambitious.
*We love our families.
*We like to tell others what to do.

Jerrie has been a nurse for dozens of years. When
I sense a pain in my body, I will email her wondering
what it is. She will email me back a ten page outline explaining “This is what ‘s wrong with you . . . .”

She has a full life. She and her husband, Tyler,
are raising two boys. She works fulltime. She cares for
her elderly mom and our aunts. NO kidding.

Two years ago during our lunch date
she mentioned to me she wanted to get her
Masters degree in nursing. “Go for it!” I said sipping my wine.
“Oh and I’m going for my Masters in Health Administration, too.”

“Oh pleaseee Jerr . . . don’t stop at one.”

As I drove home that day, my mind could not
wrap around the idea of how she would pull it off.

Geez, I’m an empty nester and my Masters degree each day is to master getting out of bed. Studying for two Masters degrees sounds
insane to me, but leave it to Jerrie to get the job done.

Today was her day to shine as she walked up the stage to get
her two Masters degree. When her name was called
her family of 20 were loud and proud.

During her graduation party I talked to her mom, Sue.
“I told Jerrie to get her PhD,” she said.
“Oh, I told her that a month ago to get started on it.
“You encourage your cousin.”
“Oh, you bet,” I said.
I do know this–one of our many purposes
in life is to inspire, motivate, and support each other.

Do you work with a single full-time mom
that is going to college? Give her a word of
encouragement. Support her all the way to the finish line.

Do you have a family member
who is looking for work or struggling to make it
happen. Tell them to pray to God and not give up.

Do you know someone who is going through a nasty divorce?
Tell them to learn from it and move on . . . . cheer them on and tell them they will get through it and that you are there when they need to talk.

Let’s pray.

Dear God,
You know very well all our hopes and dreams.
And if we believe . . . our time to shine will come at just the perfect moment.

Help us to pray without ceasing and never give up.






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The God of the universe will always respond as
you take one step forward
towards the light.

Here’s what this means for me:  God  is my source of light. I keep moving in the direction where it’s bright. Moving toward God’s light means I am doing the right thing for the highest good for myself and others.

The other day I was in a “not-feelin’-it” mood.  All I wanted to do was stay under the covers, and listen to the rain outside my bedroom window. I wanted to allow the day to run its course.

“God, find favor in me. I ask for lots of energy today. I have endless errands to do for others.”
I said this out loud to the ceiling. It is a habit I have had since I was five  years old. I  glance up and imagine my Lord who oversees my whole existence is suspended mysteriously above me on the ceiling.

Throughout the day, I kept telling myself “pay it forward.” Then I remembered
a post in FB from a couple with a very sick ten-year-old son name Bubby.
He has seizures and is in a wheelchair. His birthday is February 11th. His mom asked what he wanted for his birthday.
“Stickers,” he announced.
When I read this story, my mind said, “Wow, his parents must have a barrel load of patience and love.”

His parents went on to say, “He loves getting stuff in the mail. So, if you want to give our son
stickers for his birthday, we set up a PO Box for him.”

This sparked my  brainwaves to travel in the right direction.
God desires for us to do the right thing.
Right away I decided to go to Bartell’s and buy stickers for this little boy. I put
the stickers in an envelope and dropped it in the mail.

But, I was still not feeling energetic. So, I kept moving towards the light.
I asked myself, “Where do I think it will be the brightest?”

I crawl to my gym, which is located inside a hotel.
Entering the main lobby I see a table set up for wine
tasting. There are crackers, salami, and cheese to nibble on, too.

“Really God? You know I can’t pass up wine tasting.
Alright you got me, this is looking bright.” I say.

There’s nothing that will put a smile on my face faster than a wine tasting event just before
heading to the gym and getting on the treadmill.

Munching on my crackers and salami. I realize that
God knew what would make me happy. This treat is
my kind of happiness.

The wine tasting event definitely elevated my spirit to a higher level.
After five small sips of Pinot Noir, I marched upstairs to my gym. I did my one-hour workout
and got my endorphin fix. All was well in my world.

When you are having a “not-feelin’-it” day, do something genuine for others.
Then  keep your eyes open for the blessings in front of you.

Doing a good deed for someone is walking towards the light.

Dear God,

Thank you for blessing me with your light.
Without it, my world would be as dark as midnight.

Bless all the children like Bubby  who are quite sick with no cure in sight.
Bring healing in these childrens’ lives,
Bring hope in the lives of their parents and understanding
that you will never give us more than what we can handle.



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Because I’m Worth It

IMG_3127“I need something to perk me up, ” I say to my WALL.

If my wall could talk it would say, “Figure out what will perk you up and then go do that .”

“Okay, after my dusting and de-cluttering the condo, I will go buy some  springtime flowers for me.” Nothing like bright flowers inside a feng shui condo on a dark gloomy day.

For me, fresh flowers are always a “perk me up”
or a Kit Kat bar can be.  In the last few years, I began buying myself flowers.
I suppose I can have both: flowers and a candy bar.
But, today I thought about my waistline.
I shake my head. Think I will pass on the candy bar.

Are you like me? I used to wait on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day for my loved ones to
buy me my favorite flowers or roses.
I always thought the value of the whole act was to have someone else buy them for me because it’s a special day and I’m one special person.
Man, who planted that seed in my brain?

But, after 50, things have changed!

I decided I’m not waiting around.
“I could die today. Really! Why wait?” I say to no one but my constant companion–my wall.

Now, when I want some flowers I go buy some or if I want to see a movie that is an Oscar contender, by golly, I will go see it.
Finally, with my spine straight I can say, “Because I’m worth it.”

I think it takes longer for women to give themselves
permission to do something special.

In past years, I have gone around and around in my head coming up with reasons for why I should or shouldn’t buy this or that. Such a waste of energy.
It robs us of living for today.

Yes, I’m all for saving money for retirement.
That is why I always turn off the bedroom lights if I’m not in the room.
And I shop at Marshalls to save money.

What perks up your spirit? Is it unwrapping a Almond Joy candy bar? Is it buying a little something for yourself? Is it signing up for French lessons?

If you need a perk-me-up-feel-good moment–figure out the very thing that will make you smile. Then, go to that.

Dear God,
Many times I get stuck thinking and waiting
for pretty flowers to come my way or
more blessings to come knocking on my door.
I know this–you hold us accountable for
getting our own two feet moving and only then
we will find, with your guidance, our path to living
the life we were meant to live. Amen.