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Who Did You Spend the Evening With?


I spent the evening with a Banana, Tina Turner, and Princess Web
and a few more characters at my normal family get together on Halloween.

The big holidays are drawing closer. I just found out my son Ralph will not
come home for Thanksgiving. My other son and his family will be
missing out on my turkey dinner, too.  I’m screwed!

This is not the first time I will be without my boys on a holiday.
It’s just déjà vu. I have traveled this path before.

I have come to accept that this is what my life looks like.

At the Halloween party last night, I wanted my grandson Napoleon to be
there to join in on trick-or-treating with his  cousins and friends as they were chaperoned
by our family Penquin. We all trust the Penquin to take our kids
out on a cold, dark night for one hour. Right?

Missing Napolean, I reviewed what I did get last night. The Banana had trouble keeping still as
we posed for a family picture.
Tina Turner  wanted to get his groove on and demonstrated twerking to the family. The Clown had
‘for your eyes only’ for the pretty Princess Web.  AWWW, I get the feeling Clown wanted a treat!

And I know by her looks that Princess Web wanted the Clown to ask her for her cell number.

I would have preferred Napoleon to all these strange characters, but I discovered that I needed them, too. My night was filled with giggles, so much so that a temporary cap on one of my teeth came off.

This is what I know,  it is important to make peace with what you don’t have.

I really wanted other family members to be there with me, but their lives are traveling on other roads and highways.

So, I tell myself: Focus on what is in front of you.

Last night, for me that meant:

Be open to:  a 7-foot Banana making a split, Tina Turner sending me into a giggle orbit as she twerked away,
and Princess Web wanting your help in her tangled web of desires.
A TRICK or TREAT  with Princess Web, anyone?

Dear God,

Help our hearts stay open and keep us mindful to be present today, not tomorrow,
so we don’t miss out on your blessings.

Amen, Lola







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I wish Jesus had said “I am the pie à la mode of life”



I finally understood this verse. It took awhile.

Reading my notes from bible class I come across
John 6 v 35: I am the bread of life, whoever comes to
me will never go hungry.

As I meditate on these words,
suddenly the light in my brain switches on.

When I eat bread I get full, satisfied, and happy and
more fat gets stored under my chin. When we go to
Jesus and consume his word, I get full of his thoughts
and his ways, but I don’t get physically fat.
When we read the bible, our bodies are filled with
his spirit to direct us in the way he desires for us to go.

But the more I think about this verse, the more I realize
that I really wish Jesus had said,
“I am the bread and butter of life, whoever comes to
me will never go hungry.”

Butter is bread’s BF.
I eat more bread when there’s Blue Bonnet on it.

OR, what if Jesus had said: “I am the pie à la mode of life”

I’d devour the bible each night if it gave
me that same sugar high as a slice of homemade pie.
Actually, when I read the bible, I do get a high, but to
get that high I have to MAKE TIME  for it.

Eating? My day revolves around eating. It’s no trouble
at all to MAKE TIME for eating for me.
Place a pie with ice cream in my face, and I ‘ll greedily
eat the whole pie and lick the  platter.

Here’s what I know. Food and God’s Word go together.
That is what Jesus was talking about. Treat knowing the
bible like guilt-free eating.
Read/eat the words of God until you are satisfied and full.
Your faith will expand but not your waistline.
And with his spirit, your confidence will grow as you cast
your net into the sea of possibilities for your dreams.

God’s word is like a slice of good bread with lots of butter on it.
It is like a big piece of delicious pie in front of us.
Take a big bite. Pick up your fork and dig in. Savor.
Consume scripture and let it roll around in your tummy
and nourish every cell in your body.
Taste and feel the goodness of God’s  word  in your life.

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It Has Magic Powers


Hi blogger friends,

“Oh,  am I loud?  You have a hangover?
Did you party till five in the morning?
Okay,  I’ll whisper.”

I have no hangover; my husband and I stayed home.

I don’t know about you, but I feel that it
will be a great year full of hopes, dreams and wishes,
goals to accomplish, epic blogs to share, pictures to be taken,
people to see and . . . oh! the places we will go.

If only we believe in ourselves. Right?

I want to share a short story with you:


My 8-year-old goddaughter Sophia gave me a pink and
white bracelet for Christmas. She gave it to me with a card.

She wrote: The bracelet has magic powers but only if
you believe–then magic will happen.

I have been wearing ever it since.

This is my time to thank everyone for reading my
stories and for accepting me and my writing in the blogging world.

I never thought that I would continue to blog.
I thought that when I began in July, I was
going to give it until the end of 2014.

A lesson I have learned is that you just have to begin. Start doing
what you believe in or whatever you think might be fun. Then, stop wondering about the end result.

Things have changed for me now. I want to keep going because of your support and views of my posts. Because of you, I am going to continue
to believe in myself and be part of this creative community.

Thank you.


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What Have You Done (the last 11 months), Part 2


JOHN: Another year over and a new one just begun.

LOLA: Indeed, 2014 is almost over. Next week my husband and I will be ringing in the New Year, very low key. Our tired bodies are in bed by nine and asleep by ten.

I will set my alarm for 12 so I can greet the new year and do what my mother told me to do.

Open my front door and let out the negative energy. Then, close it and open it again to let the positive energy come in. And do this with change in my pocket for prosperity and good fortune.

I think I will I have more than change, I’ll go for having 100s.

JOHN (smiles): Let’s hope its a good one without any fear.

LOLA: Oh, definitely, I HOPE so, too. It’ll be a relief when this Sony hacking situation is put to rest.

I hope certain reality shows will be cancelled like that one with the family with all the daughters’ names that start with K.
And I would like to see shows like Breaking Bad and Broadwalk Empire go away.They are too stressful and negative for my tastes.

I hope we all put our guns away.
It makes me afraid to think that a gun might get into the hands of a child or someone with mental illness.

I feel this fear everyday. It’s a great big fury rug on my shoulders that I have to shake off.

I say to myself: Fear or Faith? Pick one.

That is how my conversation would flow if I were having coffee with
John Lennon and talking about the new year.

Tell me. If John Lennon asked you What have you done?
What would you say?

Let’s pray.

Dear God,
A new year is around the corner. I’m getting panicky. Have I done all that you have asked me to do during this year? Have I been a good servant?

I desire to follow your will. May you continue to hold my hand and guide me to paths you have already prepared for me.

Bless each one of us with good health and good fortune. And may you give us courage to live our lives each day without fear.

Thank you.



P.S. When I’m in my office with a candle burning and having a quiet time with God with all my uncertainties and thoughts about feeling unworthy put aside, I look over my list of things I did this year and I’m confident that I did great.

I didn’t land an interview with Barbara Walters. I wasn’t one of her 10 most fascinating people in 2014, but does anybody care?

God knows I show up and do the best I can. He loves me and sees the best in me.

And I believe when we serve the God of the universe with our hard work, he blesses us tenfold.