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Sunday Scripture 4 featuring Luke 10 verse 27

Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way to my video. Haha. Hi!
I noticed I said the wrong verse in my video.  Forgive me. Here is the correct verse Luke 10 v 27 not Luke 11. This verse is about loving  your neighbor as you love yourself. Cheers.

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Who Did You Spend the Evening With?


I spent the evening with a Banana, Tina Turner, and Princess Web
and a few more characters at my normal family get together on Halloween.

The big holidays are drawing closer. I just found out my son Ralph will not
come home for Thanksgiving. My other son and his family will be
missing out on my turkey dinner, too.  I’m screwed!

This is not the first time I will be without my boys on a holiday.
It’s just déjà vu. I have traveled this path before.

I have come to accept that this is what my life looks like.

At the Halloween party last night, I wanted my grandson Napoleon to be
there to join in on trick-or-treating with his  cousins and friends as they were chaperoned
by our family Penquin. We all trust the Penquin to take our kids
out on a cold, dark night for one hour. Right?

Missing Napolean, I reviewed what I did get last night. The Banana had trouble keeping still as
we posed for a family picture.
Tina Turner  wanted to get his groove on and demonstrated twerking to the family. The Clown had
‘for your eyes only’ for the pretty Princess Web.  AWWW, I get the feeling Clown wanted a treat!

And I know by her looks that Princess Web wanted the Clown to ask her for her cell number.

I would have preferred Napoleon to all these strange characters, but I discovered that I needed them, too. My night was filled with giggles, so much so that a temporary cap on one of my teeth came off.

This is what I know,  it is important to make peace with what you don’t have.

I really wanted other family members to be there with me, but their lives are traveling on other roads and highways.

So, I tell myself: Focus on what is in front of you.

Last night, for me that meant:

Be open to:  a 7-foot Banana making a split, Tina Turner sending me into a giggle orbit as she twerked away,
and Princess Web wanting your help in her tangled web of desires.
A TRICK or TREAT  with Princess Web, anyone?

Dear God,

Help our hearts stay open and keep us mindful to be present today, not tomorrow,
so we don’t miss out on your blessings.

Amen, Lola







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Life in the Slow Lane

IMG_7292-2“Life in the slow lane.
Perhaps I should change lanes . . . .
What do you think?”
I whisper to my Wall
as I iron my husband ‘s
robot attire for work.
Most mornings I help him get ready and
many mornings I can do it with my eyes closed.

Why am I still in life’s slow lane?
I feel like I’m not moving towards my
goals and dreams. How many more shirts will I iron
and how many more meals will I whip up?

My vision board is plastered on another Wall in my house–one in my office.
Definitely ironing and cooking are not on there.
And I have a Mandela hanging next to my vision board.
And for other parts of my house, I hired a feng shui expert to
come and guide me on colors and
where to position things like the mirrors
and how to place my bed in my room.
This is all to attract positive vibrations
into my life.

Later on during the day I have to
pick up my mom for her
dentist appointment.
My favorite Christian radio station
is on. The DJ says, “Do you feel like your life lacks purpose?”

I nod, “Yes.”

“Do you feel like
what you are doing is unseen, unheard, and

Triple Yes!

“Friends let me tell you–you are seen and heard.
Staying home to raise your  children is the most
important  job you will ever hold.
Helping at the food bank  and caring for others
first above all else is paramount in God’s eyes.”

Oh, I feel better already. Think I will
stay in my slow lane a little longer.

Dear God,
I know you have awesome plans for my life.
Teach me to be patient and not get ahead of
myself as I know it will unfold at the perfect time.