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Sunday Scripture 2

Hohoho . . . video blog friends,
Welcome to Sunday Scriptures.
Are you feeling the stress of the season?
I am!
Getting your tree, decorating the home,
going to the mall hoping to find the perfect
parking space.
I have the answer–one word.
Take a look at my video. Cheers.

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I wish Jesus had said “I am the pie à la mode of life”



I finally understood this verse. It took awhile.

Reading my notes from bible class I come across
John 6 v 35: I am the bread of life, whoever comes to
me will never go hungry.

As I meditate on these words,
suddenly the light in my brain switches on.

When I eat bread I get full, satisfied, and happy and
more fat gets stored under my chin. When we go to
Jesus and consume his word, I get full of his thoughts
and his ways, but I don’t get physically fat.
When we read the bible, our bodies are filled with
his spirit to direct us in the way he desires for us to go.

But the more I think about this verse, the more I realize
that I really wish Jesus had said,
“I am the bread and butter of life, whoever comes to
me will never go hungry.”

Butter is bread’s BF.
I eat more bread when there’s Blue Bonnet on it.

OR, what if Jesus had said: “I am the pie à la mode of life”

I’d devour the bible each night if it gave
me that same sugar high as a slice of homemade pie.
Actually, when I read the bible, I do get a high, but to
get that high I have to MAKE TIME  for it.

Eating? My day revolves around eating. It’s no trouble
at all to MAKE TIME for eating for me.
Place a pie with ice cream in my face, and I ‘ll greedily
eat the whole pie and lick the  platter.

Here’s what I know. Food and God’s Word go together.
That is what Jesus was talking about. Treat knowing the
bible like guilt-free eating.
Read/eat the words of God until you are satisfied and full.
Your faith will expand but not your waistline.
And with his spirit, your confidence will grow as you cast
your net into the sea of possibilities for your dreams.

God’s word is like a slice of good bread with lots of butter on it.
It is like a big piece of delicious pie in front of us.
Take a big bite. Pick up your fork and dig in. Savor.
Consume scripture and let it roll around in your tummy
and nourish every cell in your body.
Taste and feel the goodness of God’s  word  in your life.

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Naysayers Say the Most Ridiculous Things



Naysayers, you know who you are.

Last week Ol’ Wise One and I were talking in the kitchen.
“So, now you want to start a career at 63 . . . ,” he says dismissively.
( I had just mentioned to him that I wanted to work part time. )

Oohhh! Hold up now.
I can ‘t believe that came out of his mouth.
I want a part-time job . . . I didn’t say I wanted to become a doctor
or lawyer or join the Peace Corps and travel to Africa.

Someone else can do that.

And how dare he age me nine years!
I was ready to throw my favorite coffee cup at him, but I refrained
from doing so.
Instead, I took a breath. Then, these words flashed in my mind,
“You are not in control. God is. And I think God can still use me.
I’m not dead yet.”

After calming down, I decided to forgive him. It wasn’t easy.
For me forgiveness takes awhile, but eventually I get there.

Naysayers say the most ridiculous things, don’t they?

Here are some examples:
1. You can’t move to Manhattan, you’ll never make it as an artist.
Stay here with your mother and me. There’s nothing wrong living  in
the town you grew up in.

2. You’re going to marry her?  It will never last.

3. You applied to the Juilliard School? To do what, ACT?
But, you are not beautiful/ tall/thin/talented  enough. You don’t have
the right look!

4. You want to be a artist? They make no money! How about welding?
Or the cement business? Now, that’s where the money is.

Since turning 50-something, I learned that naysayers are a group of
people who are in fear of what MIGHT happen. They are afraid.

If they felt secure enough to completely love and support us,
we could take them along for the joyride of a lifetime.

When you have a naysayer in your life, you can cope by putting their
comments to the side. Forgive them, but take heart in knowing that
they do not know YOU. For that reason, they do not know what the
heck they are talking about.

Do what you have to do to reach your heart’s desire. Wake up each day
and show up in life. Make the most of each day. Give it your best shot.
As long as you are still breathing, God can use you.

If joining the Peace Corps is in your heart, then plant your feet firmly
on the ground and start walking in that direction. Want to be a chef?
Go to culinary school. You want to write that book, then commit and
wake up two hours early
and turn your lap top on.

Dear God,
Why do we have naysayers in this life? Why?
I don’t get it.

I believe that when you put desires and goals in our hearts,
there is a reason. You want us to go out there in the world and use
what you gave us.

I know you are still in control of my life. I will continue
to seek your will until you say otherwise.



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Get in the love den NOW! I’m Ovulating! Part 1

IMG_5501-4My classmate Ruby and I met for lunch.
It’s been entertaining getting to know her over the last year.

She and her husband, Sterling, have been trying to have a baby. So far, every
month has been a disappointment.

What I love about her is our equal opportunity talks about our lives.

She always asks to see pictures and videos of Napoleon although I know she is
aching for a baby.

During lunch, as she digs into her chop salad I see the corner of her false lashes
peeling. At any moment now, I wonder if the lashes will become part of her lunch.

Should I say something?

Never mind, I think she feels that they are about to jump down on a crouton.
“Excuse me my falsies are comin’ off,” she says reaching for her compact.

“Lola, do think I’m being punished?” she asks me while fidgeting with her
lashes. I was always misbehavin’ in high school. The things I did! And
now we are trying’ to have a baby . . . I yelled at Sterling this last Sunday, ‘Baby, get in the love den NOW! I’m OVULATING. And guess what? Sex is now work.”

Love den? Who has a love den?

“Praise God someone is getting lucky,” I respond taking mini sips of my Syrah.

“I’m serious,” she says.

“You are not being punished,” I sigh. “To me God is not the God of punishment.”

“Well, I grew up Catholic in Dallas and when I was a lil’ girl in Sunday school they talked about if you don’t do this or that God will punish you.”

“I heard the same thing. I don’t believe God is up there with a whip ready to use it on his children if we do something wrong. Would you whip your child?
God does do ‘time out’ maybe but he does not whip his people.”

“You sure ’bout that? This not being able to have a baby is not a punishment?
I hate to think I blocked my own Karma.”

*****Part 2 tomorrow

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Turn the Oven On High and Put Your Head In, Part 2

IMG_5472-5Drop everything. Turn your iPhone off.
I promise you the universe will continue on
as it should without you for a moment.
No one will die.

When I see my TO DO list and I feel my head
might burst from all the chatter going on in there,
I do two things. (1) I go to the chapel and cry my eyes out,
and (2) I try to listen to what God has to say.
But often I’m crying and talking so fast, God can’t get a
word in.

Eventually, I am able to quiet my mind and body. There
is a feeling of comfort in the quietness and stillness in
between the pews. I begin to realize how important it is
for my heart and soul TO DO for others.
But, I also get in touch with how important it is to
take time out for me. It could be one hour or half the day.
As long as it is for only me. That thought makes me smile.

I’m happy walking in to my photography class. It’s for me.
That’s why I show up every class.

Heading to the gym keep me sane. I need the gym
to de-stress and sweat . . . and be far away from all my family
issues and the constant ringing of the cell.

I enjoy blogging. I show up three days a week to get a
draft going. I tend to live in my head and I have all these
characters I need to spill on the blank
page that pops up on my laptop. And my hope
is that my blogging is a way TO DO for others.

If you are reading this blog, perhaps, you have found
some time for yourself to read. Now, what else can you
do for yourself today? What will bring smile to your face?

Lets pray.

Dear God,
Life. What’s it all about anyway?
I know it’s not the TO DO list.

When  life gets too HECTIC,
remind us to sit and be still
and know you are God. The most high.
A force bigger than us. YOU will
help us get through the day.
Thank you, Amen.


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His Dirty Socks Are On The Floor, Again

My brother’s girlfriend, Shauna,
and I were at Starbucks waiting for our

Our conversation led to relationships.
We both knew this one couple that
she was talking about.

“I got a call from Teddy the other day.”

“Yah, what does Teddy have to say?”

“He said, ‘Nigel and I are not getting along these days
he is so inconsiderate. He is late
on everything from getting ready to go out
to paying half his share of the bills. And
his dirty socks never make it to the laundry room.’ ”

My Dumbo ears turned toward her. I know all about
dirty socks on the floor.

“I told Teddy . . . when you met him
and fell in love, you fell in love with
all his sweetness and his carry-on luggage.
He was already late and his socks were already on the floor.
You can’t change him. You can
only change who you are.”

“Hellelujah.  Isn’t that the truth,” I said.

Slowly sipping my coconut latte, I began to think about  one of my favorite prayers — the Serenity Prayer.

It is used by Alcoholics Anonymous
and similar 12-step programs.
From alcohol to drugs to
dirty socks on the floor — it is all relevant.
You cannot change the other person.

The Serenity Prayer goes like this:
God, grant me the serenity to accept the
things I cannot change ,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.


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Big Fat Juicy Bacon Cheeseburger


Today . . . the rhythm of the universe
can’t be ignored. The sky is a pretty blue and the sun is out and
everyone seems to be in a happy mood.

I notice people are friendlier during sunny days in the Pacific Northwest.  Everyone I pass by
is wearing pretty summer dresses,  summer T-shirts, shorts, and sandals.
I ruminate over the words in Psalms 118:24.
This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.
I should be rejoicing, singing, and skippin’ to my Starbucks office, but nooo. Not me. Not today.
I feel depleted.
I have no confidence in my  writing; my right side of the brain is not working.
What holds my interest more is wrapping my fingers around
a big fat juicy double cheeseburger with bacon.

What on earth is going on with my brain?

I am reminded of my BF saying something to me the other day about focusing on what is missing in her life, particularly in her marriage, and it made her sad.
Then she caught herself shifting her thoughts. She began to focus on what is working in her marriage. She felt better.

So, the big fat burger will just have to wait for now.

Let me try that exercise. Let me make a list of the
Top 6 things that are working in my life.
Perhaps I will feel better, too.

1. I will get to babysit my grandson, Napoleon, here in Seattle in two months. His parents are going off to a resort for some R&R. I CANNOT WAIT.
Get this . . . my neighbor has a car seat and a playpen for me to use! It’s all meant to be.

2. My nephew and his finance are tying the knot this fall. I’m so excited for them, plus I have a reason to go buy a new dress. Cuz, I never have anything to wear don’t cha know!

3. I GET TO speak at a retreat in two weeks.
Give me a microphone and an audience and I’m
in my ZONE.

4. Ol’ Wise One and I go for walks. Praise God, we have pain-free legs and hips to cover seven miles of beach and parks close to our condo.

5. I get to keep my own work hours so I’m able to
do one of my favorite things in life–go to the gym for an hour and sweat like a pig.
I love it.

6. This Friday I GET TO spend some time
all by myself to do anything I want.
I will not run errands, look over rental agreements,
cook or clean. Just thinking about this time on my hands makes me feel
energetic and giddy.

Now! I’m I’m in rhythm with the universe.
Now, it is time for my Big Fat Juicy Bacon Cheeseburger washed down with a diet Pepsi.

Share with me what you do to get your
brain and body in rhythm with the universe.

Dear God,
I have so much great stuff.
And things are working out in my life.
At times I can’t see. Forgive me for being blind.

Help us begin each day with
good thoughts about You and the beauty that surrounds us.

Thank you.