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Sunday Scripture 4 featuring Luke 10 verse 27

Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way to my video. Haha. Hi!
I noticed I said the wrong verse in my video.  Forgive me. Here is the correct verse Luke 10 v 27 not Luke 11. This verse is about loving  your neighbor as you love yourself. Cheers.

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What Have You Done (the last 11 months), Part 1

Every year in December I play John Lennon’s CD.
I insert the CD into my car’s stereo system and drive to the gym.

The words to the song Happy Christmas (War Is Over) make me cry.

I feel as if John Lennon is talking to me.
The tears well up around my eyes and a cocktail of uncertainty about the new year wells up in me, too.
Insecurities–am I confident enough? worthy enough?–seep through me, traveling in my veins.

Soon, black mascara is smeared all over my glasses.
I’m a mess when I reach my gym.

“Why play the song? ” you ask.
“Because I like to go through mild misery before getting to the gym.”

The first verse and chorus of the song go like this:

So this is Christmas
And what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just begun  . . .

A very Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
With out any fear

The title of the song ought to be:
What Have You Done.

As I sit in my car I IMAGINE
What if he was talking to me face to face having coffee? Haha.
A Beatles member talking to me . . . work with me here . . .

This is how it would go.

Lola: Yes, John. I’m well aware that this is Christmas. There is stress all around me as people shop for for food and wine and mindlessly pick up gifts to give. Some will spend Christmas Eve with a small group  of friends or, like me, they will have 15 relatives come over for Christmas Eve, for honey baked ham and egg rolls.

Lola: Gosh . . . let’s see . . . [sigh] . . . such a loaded question. Let me tell you what I have NOT DONE. Not a whole lot. Nothing over the top that will get me inside the castle to have noon tea with the Queen of England. I won’t get to ask if she texts her grandkids.

Sadly, I have not done any acting to be considered a contender for this year’s Oscars. People Magazine didn’t include me on their list of 25 most intriguing people. I’m not intriguing enough, I guess.

My best seller is in its gestation stage. I didn’t find a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

However, this is what I HAVE DONE.

In April, my husband and I began walking/ hiking 20-25 miles a week.
It was our way of getting to know each other all over again since our grown boys have moved on to start their careers.

At first we started out with short walks, then they got longer and longer. Our steps  at times are  in sync; other times he leads and I walk behind. Something like a marriage.
There are quiet moments and that’s OK. I know he is not tuning me out. We are both thinking and dreaming. Then, I recall something funny and giggle.
“What’s so funny?” he asks.

The sound of the pebbles under our feet when walking  on the beach or going through the woods have become meditative. Our long walks have become something we have started to look forward to.

By the end of summer, I realized it was God’s way of telling us this empty nest is not so bad. Give this new space a chance. Breathe.

There’s no reason for us to uncouple just because certain famous people are doing it.

In July, I started writing again and like everyone else, I got my own blog. I prayed about it; then took the leap.
And one lesson I learned this year is to close your eyes, hug all your fears, and JUMP!
The net will appear.

If what you are doing feels right God will let you know. If not, he will slowly close the screen door.

Bloggers have viewed my site. This is a good sign.

In September, I joined a Bible Study Fellowship. Instead of laying in my bed watching the sky turn to dusk, I decided to take the leap and join a class.

And I feel I’m in the right place. Being with a group of ladies who share the same faith has sparked an interest in becoming more involved–I’m considering becoming a welcome committee director.

In November, I traveled to Manila to visit someone more special than the Queen. I went to visit Napoleon.
I taught him how to “high- five.”
For sure, that was more enjoyable than having tea with the Queen.

My humanitarian efforts this year include driving my 90-year-old Aunt Lucy every Monday get her dentures fixed and to buy a week’s worth of food at Safeway. This takes five  hours.
I also care for my aging mother every Wednesday.

. . . to be continued . . .


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Let the Day Decide, Part 1

Where does time go? The clock just keeps on ticking, stopping for no one.

It’s almost Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day is a day set aside to stop for a moment to say THANK YOU.

It’s the only time I like to cook. I like being in the kitchen
for five hours basting a pasty-white 15-pound turkey with white wine and butter. Yum. And, patiently waiting for it to turn golden brown is enjoyable. An occasional sip of wine puts me in the mood to let the day decide.

Back in the day, we only had one of our our sons home during Thanksgiving. One son, Christopher, played basketball and he was always away for a tournament. We missed him at the dinner table. However, it was his passion, and he was good at
it. Now, he plays basketball for a living.

This is my thank you list:

1. Thank you for my two boys living far from home and in search of their own path.  I am very proud of their independence. My sons live on opposites of the globe from each other. I never thought it would end up like this, but I found out children are like birds. They have to FLY. We have no control  over what direction they choose to fly.



2. Thank you for my grandson Napoleon. He is a shiny gem in my life. He is my star in the night. Wow, I sound poetic. What more can I say about him? He is a big, bundle of joy. In other words, he’s porky for a little guy. But as soon as he starts playing soccer, I know he will lose his double chin.


3. Thank you for the 26th year of my marriage. It’s moving forward in the right direction. This was not the case last year.
Being married this long is so much work.

I ask myself what is the alternative?
Divorce. That’s work, too, and lawyers are so expensive.
Go on eHarmony to find a date? No, thank you!
Kidding aside.
My husband and I drive each other crazy, but there is love, kindness, and understanding underneath all the craziness.


4. Thank you for my bible study group that I attend not far from my home. It has given me a place to learn more about my God. I have learned that I can lean on him, surrender all my worries, and trust that his plans are going to be perfect for me.


5. Thank you for my health. My eyes are opening up to taking better care of my body. With my vertigo, I was so concerned about driving.
Will I ever be able to drive again? I don’t want to depend on anyone to drive me to Walgreens. I don’t want a dizzy episode on the freeway or getting on an airplane. Can you imagine getting
dizzy and experiencing nausea as the plane ascends to the heavens?
The flight attend would have to give me a tranquilizer large enough to subdue a gorilla.


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July 4, It’s Beyond Baked Beans & 120 Chicken Drummettes

Did you have a birthday last week? My brother Earl did on July 5. As usual we celebrate all week. I’m from a big, huge family. On July 4, the day is all about food and family. I also think a lot about what to wear to the party.

But, first the focus is planning the menu. What to barbecue? And where do we shop before July 4th? Costco. You know they carry everything: food, dresses, dirt, furniture, tires. They hold you hostage, don’t they? Why go anywhere else? Prescriptions? They have it. Funeral planning? They’ve got it. John Deere lawnmowers? Sure, those are in stock. Costco planned it that way. Do you really need 12 cans of tuna or industrial-sized Windex. Of course!

Everyone has the same goal to buy as much baby back ribs, hot dogs, buns, and baked beans as possible. Let’s not forget 120 drummettes so my cousin, Caesar, can marinate  them over night with his “secret sauce.”

It’s sunny out and perfect for paddle boarding or hanging out on the deck of Cactus restaurant. We are at Costco. I’m with Rita (my sister),  mother, and Caesar. It’s a family affair. Rita is the leader of the Guerrero brigade. She pulls out a cart, the size of a flat truck bed. Her one-page list is in her hand. Slinging her designer purse over her shoulders, she is ready for action. She is neatly dressed with her cream shirt and peach-colored shorts. There’s not one wrinkle. What’s up with that? And I KNOW she bought another cute outfit for the party and well, so did I.

As I watch Rita go on “attack mode.” I’ m thinking, “People, if you don’t want to get hurt, get out of the way. This woman has $150.00 worth of ribs to buy.”

Different shapes  and sizes of customers walk the aisle of Costco.  All have the desire to celebrate July 4th, Freedom Day. Or they are simply excited that it’s a holiday and it’s time to eat and pound down six-packs all day. Hurried customers are all around me. I’m present. I quiet my mind amid the chaos of Costco. I think, July 4th–it’s about Freedom. I wonder if even half of the customers here are thinking about how great it is to live in the USA.  Freedom of speech–to speak up and say what you mean. Freedom to drive (in some countries, women can’t drive) and marry your partner. Freedom to pray to God. Freedom to read his book–the Bible. Lucky us.

I surprise myself by being patriotic in the middle of Costco’s wine section. Why today? In the past, I have taken my freedom for granted. It was always what to wear to the barbecue. I think I’m doing it now to quiet my mind and go inward. Saying “thank you” for the Freedom I have to walk down the street. And to set up territory on Harbor Beach to celebrate it and my brother’s birthday. So today let’s take a moment to say “I’m lucky I live here.”

I want to know how do you feel about living in the US of A?

Let’s pray.

Dear God, Thank you for our Freedom. We have so much and we take it for granted. I do all the time. Continue to quiet my mind and be present to my surroundings. Bless everyone I meet today with a grateful spirit. Bless me with a grateful spirit. Amen. Lola