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Pink Flamingos

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pink flamingo printed paper

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In the afternoons, as I venture out for my walk, I see signs on people’s well-maintained lawns. I think their statements are wackadoodle, though it is their rights. They pay their taxes; they have every right to nail white cardboard to a stick and announce their state of mind. And I walk around with a ‘huh’ face asking myself who are these individuals and why that sign? I act like they should have asked me first.

Sign one–

Black lives matter.  

 Questions roam around in my head, is the person black that lives in the home, or she half black, half white? I don’t know. I walk around some more, hoping I’ll catch a glimpse of the owner. And then what? Do I approach the owner to begin a conversation? 

We all matter, do we not? If you are breathing, you matter. End of story. No second-guessing here. 

Sign two- 

Life is Beautiful. I shake my head. What? I think – It all depends on what you are smoking.

Life is not beautiful when you have been stuck with your husband for two months that have severe respiratory issues, and no, he does not have the virus. Or young children at home all day longgggg. 

Though I have to give kudos to the owner of this sign that no matter what goes on, how many peanut butter and jam sandwiches to prepare and loads of laundry to do the owner of the house still see the glass as half full. 

Sign three –

Honk if you question the Lockdown. I hear no one honking. 

Sign four- 

In the end, it will be ok, if not, it is not the end.  We are not at the end yet. We still have phases 2, 3, and 4. When Target, movie theaters, gym, and spas reopen, then it is the end. Yay. 

 I say getting a pedicure should have been on the list of E—ssentials.

Good heavens, I stare at my toes, and all ten are ghastly. I’m serious. Go on, take a look at your toes.

Sign five- 

Thank you first responders, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, paramedics. Right on, I say, front line people, saving lives putting their lives at risk. Lucky them according to my reliable yahoo news, they are first in line to get the vaccine. Why, of course, they would be, you crazy Asian. I tell myself. My walk continues with visions of me arriving at the end of a long, long wait to get my vaccine. 

Till then, it is walking around my neighborhood looking for more signs to amuse me. And this one does. I see one neighbor that slay you with their humor during this unprecedented time. There are 20 pink plastic flamingos dotted all around his yard purchased from the dollar store. 

You gotta love someone who does this. 

Happy three day weekend! 

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