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Let’s talk about men-o-pause, shall we?P.2

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Part 2

Unbelievable!! Some g-friends have all the luck. Happy dance for Cecilia that her husband joined her inside the closet. Who does that? Not my husband!

My dollar get- rich or die- scratching ticket husband if he found me in our bedroom closet weeping about the changes in my body, these are his exact words “it’s all in your head, get over it.”

That is not what you want to say to a woman  going through – The Change.

When my husband said the above to me, I want to call him an unfeeling 190 lbs of living cells and throw one of my Chrystal rocks at him. But I had a chat with me, “Jack, don’t do it, drop the stone. A Christian person does not go around throwing rocks at people.”

With calm nerves I join my husband on the couch I tell him ” work with me, we are a team. A lot goes on when a woman turns 50.”

I know that he heard me because he takes me in his arms and says, “I need to be a better husband, I love you, you Filipino crazy nut, but you’re my nut.”

We kiss, and I decide to make the the marriage work.
I mean, he is my scratch winning ticket, and I am his bingo prize.

It is not in our heads. It is real, and boy, take heed, it takes years to get to the other side. At 59 the end is oh so close.

So friend – be ready to ride the perfect storm, and if you are a man who happened to stumble upon my blog, here is what I know … you want to score points with your partner? Sit in the closet with her, brush her bangs from her eyes, kiss her tears away, hold her as you whisper love words in her ear.

Happy Wednesday!


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