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Let’s talk about men-O-pause, shall we?P.1

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My long time friend Cecilia and I played ping pong text the other day. She lives in the coldest part of the country, Alaska, with her lawyer husband Sam and five-year-old son Riley. Every time I touch base with her, she is drafting a novel, chopping wood, or chasing her kid around.

She invites me all the time to visit, though I have no desire to go. It seems too blistery cold way yonder. This is what is depicted in movies that I watch on Net Flix. Big burly men with dark goggles, wearing heavy coats with fur vests. Never have I seen a woman with a tank top and white linen shorts on a dog sleigh traveling over ice, snow, and steep terrain.

Our texts:

“Last Saturday was horrible, horrible. I had a perfect snowstorm- menopause, fatigue, frustrated–cried half the day inside my master bedroom walk-in closet. I holed up.”

Wonder if she had the light on?

“Really, inside your closet? Did you have food? Food is a cure-all.”

“No food.”

“Before your isolation, you could have brought a glass of your favorite Rose’, celery, hummus, and MM’s. I know, I know, it’s not like these situations are premeditated.

“It’s pitch dark in my closet. Then, I hear Sam call my name, and I yell

‘in here.’ Would you believe he comes in and joins me.”

She didn’t have the light on.

“He joined you in the closet? I told you, I was right all along, you hit the MEGA million lottery ticket with him.”

“Yes, I know. We talked things out, and I most certainly will call my doctor. It is the early stage of menopause.”

“That is syrupy sweet. I’m so jealous in a friendly fashion. Your hubby joined you, and you talked things out, and all went well in the dark.”

Since I am close to being done with men-on-pause and she is a long time friend, I decided to giver her some ideas to get through this change of life thing.

The Essentials:

*estrogen and testosterone compound creams  *vitamins  *exercise (which you get a lot of that from wood chopping and chasing Riley around *take naps


* When it comes to sex, this is a slippery slope. Some women sex continues to be a pleasurable activity, cheerios to them, and others like me, there is a giant STOP sign between our legs.

Not to lose hope, one remedy is tequila.



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