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CoV19 can’t stop a birthday shindig


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Let it be known Co-Vid 19 can’t stop a birthday shindig- no, no, no. When your mom turns 80, you do all you can to make it a fun day.

We had a virtual party for our mom, and all the grandkids living near and far wished her a happy day.

Earl, my brother, bless his heart, went to Safeway to buy a cake with strawberries on top. We all thanked him for his ‘front line courage’ to risk his life. Bravo!

Who would have known going to a grocery store is high risk?

Mom was a bit somber. Her casino closed down during her birthday month. Damm virus.

“Oh, not good.” She said.
“Mom, you need to understand, we need to stay inside. We are in Lockdown.”
“A na? (what) Lock-in.” My sister Lynn-Lynn and I giggle.

“There is a virus, and if you get sick, you go to E.R., and it is called Lockdown, not lock-in. Of course, she has a point we are LOCKED inside our homes, are we not?

“I get sick take me to casino, not E.R. I have pain, my back, leg…Oh Lorddd, I go to casino no pain.” She turns her face away from us like we don’t know what we are talking about and how dare her kids to tell her NO when it comes to gambling on a penny slot machine.

Our mother is convinced the casino in all its glory of flashing lights, all you- can – eat prime rib dinner for $14.99 and sitting next to good ol’folks  from all demographic backgrounds have healing powers.


The day after her celebration, my sister-in-law Sonya informs her. “Mom, you will get a stimulus check coming from the government. Tell Jackie to check your bank.”
This piques her interest and gets all giddy that Mr. President is passing out checks. Direct deposit no less!

She gets on her flip phone.
“Lynn-Lynn I get stim check. Sonya said. Pretty soon, I go to the casino.”
“Mom, stim check, what is that? ”
“Stimmmm check. You know the president gives money.”

Lynn–Lynn bats her longggg  falsies not comprehending what mom is saying
as she putts around in her kitchen, baking banana bread and macadamia cookies.

“Mom, is it your Social Security?”
“NOOO. you lissen.”
“Ma, let me think.”

“Is it…stimulus check?”


“Mom, I get it now. It is called Stimulus, not Stim. Save all your money so Earl will drive you to the casino.”

“Yes, ok, I see you soon.”


Our mom is a model of health (Praise the Lord) strength and at her age – silliness down to her arthritic knee.
During the day, she nannies Baby J and has occasional chit-chats with Pearl (Earl’s cat) when she comes down from her high tower.
Babies, grandkids, and Pearl keeps mom  young  and laughing all the way to the casino with cash from Mr. President.

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You want to cut in line? WTH.

“Ahhh, Mister, you want to cut in line? WTH, really.
It’s a Starbucks drive-thru! Idiot. Jack, calm down, don’t be a jerk, love today, the sun is out, and you are Covid-19 free.”

The conversation in my head as I let the tub of lard inside his SUV go ahead of me.

Hmmm, what would Jesus do? I ponder away listening to Christian music in my car. Well, knowing Jesus, he will make a venti, five shots mocha latte, gently hand it to him and get on his knees to wash his feet too.

With a hint of a smile, I give him the wave – yes, go ahead even if I have not had my first sip of latte.

When it is my turn to pay for my drink, the cashier said ”
the man in front of you paid so drink is free.”

This exchange of kindness once again helped me believe karma does exist. God does see what I do, and he decides my reward.
To have my drink paid was a big surprise. The little things to get my spleen tickled. Haha.

I challenge you today, who me? Yes, my one and only reader of my blog to step out give of yourself, buy someone their coffee, spare a few masks and gloves or hand sanitizer, and see what happens you never know.

Happy Saturday!

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It takes a song…

When lockdown started last month and my gym closed (damm), I had to do some kind of exercise. Walking became my new routine. At times I put my pods in and other days I walked with random thoughts of when the lockdown is over, I need to call my doctor for a pap smear, which I have been dreading. I am going to get my roots done and get a pedicure — all in that order. Yes, all essentials.

Somewhere in between my brain cells, a soft voice kept reminding me to come to the throne of grace and worship HIM.

The gentle voice kept speaking to me, and I wave it away. That is me.

Other thoughts that run through like will I be able to hug friends or family members? Can we gather around at Pegasus Pizza with my family on a Friday night to laugh and talk and to celebrate the weekend? How do we sit, side by side, or continue that 6 feet apart golden rule?

My favorite song, called The Heart of Worship – interrupts my stream of consciousness.
The lyrics go like this-

When the music fades
All is stripped away
And I simply come
Longing just to bring
Something that’s of worth
That will bless your heart

As I finish my walk, I realize it takes a song to speak to my heart that this time right now is all about coming to God and praying to him- way maker of all things. He will make a way where it seems impossible.

When all is strip away, what do we have? We have our faith. We have his son, Jesus.

I believe that God wants us to use this time to worship and find joy in his presence. There is nothing to do except sloww down and sit awhile and look upward where the presence of peace reigns.

Happy Tuesday!