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I wish Jesus had said “I am the pie à la mode of life”



I finally understood this verse. It took awhile.

Reading my notes from bible class I come across
John 6 v 35: I am the bread of life, whoever comes to
me will never go hungry.

As I meditate on these words,
suddenly the light in my brain switches on.

When I eat bread I get full, satisfied, and happy and
more fat gets stored under my chin. When we go to
Jesus and consume his word, I get full of his thoughts
and his ways, but I don’t get physically fat.
When we read the bible, our bodies are filled with
his spirit to direct us in the way he desires for us to go.

But the more I think about this verse, the more I realize
that I really wish Jesus had said,
“I am the bread and butter of life, whoever comes to
me will never go hungry.”

Butter is bread’s BF.
I eat more bread when there’s Blue Bonnet on it.

OR, what if Jesus had said: “I am the pie à la mode of life”

I’d devour the bible each night if it gave
me that same sugar high as a slice of homemade pie.
Actually, when I read the bible, I do get a high, but to
get that high I have to MAKE TIME  for it.

Eating? My day revolves around eating. It’s no trouble
at all to MAKE TIME for eating for me.
Place a pie with ice cream in my face, and I ‘ll greedily
eat the whole pie and lick the  platter.

Here’s what I know. Food and God’s Word go together.
That is what Jesus was talking about. Treat knowing the
bible like guilt-free eating.
Read/eat the words of God until you are satisfied and full.
Your faith will expand but not your waistline.
And with his spirit, your confidence will grow as you cast
your net into the sea of possibilities for your dreams.

God’s word is like a slice of good bread with lots of butter on it.
It is like a big piece of delicious pie in front of us.
Take a big bite. Pick up your fork and dig in. Savor.
Consume scripture and let it roll around in your tummy
and nourish every cell in your body.
Taste and feel the goodness of God’s  word  in your life.

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He Slips Into a Coma



I have visions  of dad in the hospital shrinking because of weight loss.
He can barely move and I watch a plastic pad placed under his lower body by his nurse.

“What are you doing?”  I ask. I give her an annoyed look. Why would she do that?

We look at each other and I quickly turn away
and walk to my favorite window where I can hear drops of rain
coming down. The nurse’s eyes told me everything
I needed to know.

As dad was slipping out of our hands, we found ways to reach out for one another.
A hug or holding each other’s hand as we said a prayer each night for my dad.

Four weeks later he went into  a coma . . . not too long after that he was gone.

These visions and their memory cells live dormant throughout the year and clamor for attention
when vibrant colors of red and orange leaves begin to fall  from their branches and
Starbucks brings back its pumpkin spice latte.

I could never cry as we cared  for him the last month of  his life and didn’t cry
at his funeral, but around October–I get sad.

I’m happy God took him. Cancer cells ravaged his body and he was in so much pain.
If I’m in that much pain I would ask God to please take me NOW.

Dear God,

Thank you for the 46 years I knew my father.
The family misses him and I know and believe
we will see him one day.



Buh-Bye Now



When do you know when you had enough?
When do you say “Buh-bye now” to someone who is
not pleasant to be with?

Eunice is a relative of mine.

Sunday Ol’ Wise One and I drive up to
her favorite casino in the middle of
the Pacific Northwest where the roadsides are
dense with fall-colored trees. We have
done this drive for the last 28 years. Suffice to say,
before the journey I say to myself “Please, God, help me today” prayer.

Eunice loves celebrating her birthday inside Casino Royale where
it is dark , smelly, and filled with chain smokers. Just where
you want to spend your bright sunny Sunday.

I go along for this ride and this birthday lunch
out of respect for Ol’ Wise One.

When lunch is over and we are walking to her car,
I hug Eunice to say goodbye and she doesn’t hug back.
It is as if I have some incurable virus. And she doesn’t care to
say thank you for for the gift, the lunch, and our time to make the three-hour drive
to meet her for her birthday.

Eunice has always been this way. Why expect anything different?
I keep hoping she will change her ways. But, this particular
day something in me awakens. I finally realize it is me
who needs to change. I have had enough of her rudeness and ungrateful

Eunice is now in her own car and we walk to ours. I am deep in thought.
Suddenly, I tell myself,“This is where it stops. This is where I draw the line.”
I have clarity. I will not be deterred in any way.

I have been patient for 28 years. Now it is time to say: Buh-bye now.
No more birthday lunches with Eunice for me.

When we begin to honor who we are . . . we make room for the
universe to bless us with something better that is more meaningful and enjoyable.
Our choice honors and symbolizes our appreciation for our precious time left on this planet.

Dear God,
I release this situation to you.
You blessed me with wisdom and guidance to
do the right thing for 28 years. I have shown up, honored and respected this relative.
I will now step aside.

Amen. Lola

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Life in the Slow Lane

IMG_7292-2“Life in the slow lane.
Perhaps I should change lanes . . . .
What do you think?”
I whisper to my Wall
as I iron my husband ‘s
robot attire for work.
Most mornings I help him get ready and
many mornings I can do it with my eyes closed.

Why am I still in life’s slow lane?
I feel like I’m not moving towards my
goals and dreams. How many more shirts will I iron
and how many more meals will I whip up?

My vision board is plastered on another Wall in my house–one in my office.
Definitely ironing and cooking are not on there.
And I have a Mandela hanging next to my vision board.
And for other parts of my house, I hired a feng shui expert to
come and guide me on colors and
where to position things like the mirrors
and how to place my bed in my room.
This is all to attract positive vibrations
into my life.

Later on during the day I have to
pick up my mom for her
dentist appointment.
My favorite Christian radio station
is on. The DJ says, “Do you feel like your life lacks purpose?”

I nod, “Yes.”

“Do you feel like
what you are doing is unseen, unheard, and

Triple Yes!

“Friends let me tell you–you are seen and heard.
Staying home to raise your  children is the most
important  job you will ever hold.
Helping at the food bank  and caring for others
first above all else is paramount in God’s eyes.”

Oh, I feel better already. Think I will
stay in my slow lane a little longer.

Dear God,
I know you have awesome plans for my life.
Teach me to be patient and not get ahead of
myself as I know it will unfold at the perfect time.