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Nothing To Do With Me

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Last Wednesday in bible class we were studying the fourth book
of the old testament called Numbers.
Before attending bible class I never
read Numbers. Why would I want to read this section?
I have better literature to read!
I had no idea what it was about, but I knew it had nothing to do with me.

Well, as a matter of fact, now I know–it has everything to do
with me and you, too.

Our discussion was about the Israelites complaining and
being ungrateful for what God had done for them.

The Israelites complained that they wanted better food
instead of the manna that God blessed them with each day.
The desired meat and potatoes and vegetables.
“We are suffering,” they bitched to Moses.
“We should have stayed in Egypt.”
They soon forgot that they had been slaves in Egypt.

The following day I challenged myself to not
be like the Israelites. I pasted a note on
my bathroom mirror that said,

Later that day, I was in Starbucks where I get lots
of creative writing done. Next to me was a newspaper that read in bold
I took this as a sign that the universe was
agreeing with me to find the good
in my life today.

The whole week that followed I had to retrain my
thoughts to be more grateful. I thought of ways
to find the blessings and look for what is right on target in my life.

One of my blessings is that I get to eat three meals a day, and in between
meals, I get to have snacks or a treat like a $4.00 latte at Starbucks.
I praise God for the food in my fridge for my husband and me.

Praising the One who provides all the good you have means your heart is in the right place.

One of my favorite activities is going to the gym and
sweating to Lady Gaga’s song Poker Face.

I say, “Thank you, Lord, that I have legs to get on the treadmill. It would be devastating to me to not have these legs. My depression would get the best of me.”

And I am blessed to be able to attend my bible class. I look forward to going each week even if during certain discussions I find myself nodding off. When this happens I say, “God, nothing against you. I’m just tired today.”

However, at times, my ears perk up and I’m alert when a discussion like complaining about life holds true for me.

I know this bitching and complaining
reveals a hardened heart. An ungrateful
heart that is never happy, that nothing
is ever enough. It is like saying to God,
“Is this the best you can do?”

And complaining is contagious and brings everything and everyone down.

On that note, at this point in my blog about complaining, hopefully you are not thinking, “YOU ARE BRINGIN’ ME DOWN, MAN!”

Instead, I hope you feel challenged and motivated to open your eyes wide and the find blessings in your life.

Let’s pray.

Dear God,

Let us not be complainers like the Israelites.
Renew our thoughts to be more grateful for
all the blessings that you bless us with.



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