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Nosy, Eavesdropping Mama



The other night my Dumbo ears were stretched to the max as I eavesdropped
on my husband and our son’s conversation. When I hear their conversations,
 I’m grateful for God’s blessings.

“Good game, son! That sends the other team a message you’re back! Now go
home, drink plenty of water, rest up. No alcohol. You need to focus,”

My husband says into the phone as he nervously paces back and forth.

“During practice, work on your 3-point shots, foul shots, and everything
will fall into place. Let the ball come to you.”

My husband is so wise, so Dali Lama.

I let his words land in my own big ears: Let the ball come to you.
What I learned from being a nosy, eavesdropping mama is
this:  Pray + preparation = It will come to you.

I have two goals this year.

1. I pray that I write a blog and post once a week and more if I’m feeling creative.
So far, I have been right on track with one blog per week. However, I fret
all the time about what thought-provoking topic I should write about.

Over the weekend, I show up in front of my laptop and start brainstorming.
Showing up is part of the preparation. 
Ideas do come up and I discover
that the creative well is 
not dry. I find that other bloggers have visited my site.
Everything is falling into place.

2. Another goal I have is to lead a bible group one day. I pray about it. The leader
of the group I attend, Martha, is lively and doesn’t pretend to be perfect.
It is a treat to be in her group. A-ha, I think to myself, you don’t have to
be perfect to lead a bible class. I’m all about celebrating imperfection.

“How do I do what you do?” I ask her after class.
“You have to be recommended and wait till the second year of bible study.
What you do now is prepare yourself.”
“You know a lot about the bible,” I say.
Martha shakes her head. “It’s  the desire you have inside you that makes
leading work,” she says. “For now, g
o home, prepare, and be ready.”

Now, I’m paying more attention to the lectures and notes. One day my
group will come to me. Share with me what  are you preparing for?

Are you waiting for Mr. Soul Mate. Pray about it. Then, work on YOU.

Waiting for your dream career? Continue to better yourself.
The career of a lifetime will come.

Waiting for your son or daughter to turn his/her life around?
Pray, then prepare yourself for a huge blessing.

Dear God,

I believe what you desire for us already exists in the spiritual realm.
With faith, I know it will manifest itself in the physical world at the
perfect time.




Author: lolaguerrero

50 something, mother of two, married, grandson named Napoleon. Love to go to the gym, watch films, act, write, jog, walk 10 miles with my husband, wine and travel. I"m a double tall, NF latte with half a pump of mocha with whip cream.

2 thoughts on “Nosy, Eavesdropping Mama

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  2. Lola, I love the way you write. It is as if we were sitting have a conversation. I like your prayer at the end so well done! Thank you for visiting my blog and leading me to yours.


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