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Detoxing From My Smartphone, Part 1

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It’s 4 a.m.
I can’t sleep of course because my body clock is still functioning on Manila time. My thoughts range from when to make time to blog to what to cook for dinner and when to unearth my stinky and soiled clothes from my luggage. I wonder if should I vacuum.

Then I remembered it’s Sabbath Day.
There’s no need to vacuum/dust/cook and launder. God loves to put his feet up on Sundays. He leads by example.
Therefore, I have to follow.

Well, I’m back home now from church . . . Did you miss me? A tiny bit? Yes, I’m talking to all of you:  all my nine Facebook friends, one twitter follower, and 700 blog viewers. I’ve yet to start Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts. If only I knew what that all entails and what’s it all for. It is so daunting and it means I’d have to add three more passwords  to my bulging password folder.

My son’s girlfriend, Ruth, suggests that I get the Viper app.  Sounds very batman-ish Think I’ll pass on Viper for now.

I do know this–to live in the 21st century you have to have all these social media platforms or you are not with it and let’s face it . . . you feel old if you don’t. Well, you feel old because you are!

Expanding my social media portfolio means one thing for me. I have to get back to my computer and smart phone classes next Tuesday.

My eyes widened when I saw the numbers of viewers I have for my blog. People actually visit my site. For that, I thank you blog viewers.

While I was away, not once did I write, email, or look up my WordPress blog account. I texted once to Ruth upon arriving at the Manila airport saying “Where are you? I’m outside the baggage claim.”

And that was that.

I needed to detox from my smartphone and lap top.
Since my grandson lives so far away–16 hours by plane ride–why text my friends and relatives? (I can do that when I return home.)

But here’s a good one. I did check to see if my Twitter following has increased. It did.  By two. Haha!

My time in Manila was nothing but lots of hugs and love for my grandbaby and feeling tired at the end of of the day, which is normal when you are caring for a 12-month-old toddler. Toddlers rule the world.

I read Elmo books to him. I chased him as he crawled to the bathroom to lick the toilet cover.  I fed him baby food like  peas and carrots.  His face cringed at the  taste of them.  He preferred his baby cereal with apple sauce, wouldn’t you?   He screamed for his milk or when he wanted to be carried.

I joined him when making funny sounds. I helped his yaya (nanny) give him a bath then it was time for his nap.

He loves  for you to  sway  back and forth and sing songs like Somewhere Over the Rainbow as he falls asleep and becomes just 27 lbs of dear flesh and bones in my arms.

Did I go to the gym and workout a few times?
No. Caring for him was my exercise.
During his nap, I crawled in bed, too. I didn’t need anyone to sing me to sleep.  My exhausted body fell into a coma.

I changed  his poop-y diapers. Yes, changing his messy diaper was high on my list of things to do during my stay. I also had the opportunity to take him to his pediatrician with the yaya because of a high fever.

Ruth, Napoleon’s mom, couldn’t take him because she had birthday errands to do  after her commercial shoot. And Christopher, my son, asked if I could take him. Why, of course! That’s what vacations are all about–taking care of your grandkid. What else would I be doing?

Would you believe the doctor’s visit cost $20.00. I gasped that that’s about four days of Starbuck lattes for me. It was so cheap, it  got me thinking. Maybe I can tell my husband to sell everything and come join me in Manila?

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50 something, mother of two, married, grandson named Napoleon. Love to go to the gym, watch films, act, write, jog, walk 10 miles with my husband, wine and travel. I"m a double tall, NF latte with half a pump of mocha with whip cream.

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