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Good, Better, Best

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My BF recently hired Susan, a wellness/ nutrition coach.  So far, Susan’s advice to eat more healthfully includes a list of snacks divided into categories–Good, Better, Best.

My BF sent me the list.

Reading it at home alone, I said to no one, “Ha! How about that! There are good, better, and best in snacks. Good to know.” But, darn it! Beef jerky didn’t make it on the BEST list.

I began to think about good, better, and best not in snacks, but in life. My life.

I thought of Oprah, who seems to live and breathe nothing but the best. She’s on tour now. She is coming to my town in three weeks.

But ladies, the BEST exists for all of us, not just for Oprah. I think the best comes to whomever desires it.

My therapist, Ruth, told me one time, “God wants us to be HAPPY and have the best.”

Remember that movie Field of Dreams? The Voice says to Kevin Costner, If you build it, he will come. That quotation has become an inspiration and an invitation to people all over the world to follow their dreams.

I believe what wish and dream for can and will come true.

For the heck of it, I let my mind wander through my field of dreams. Suddenly, I was excited. You’ll never win the lottery if you never buy a ticket, as they say.

Here are my top 12 wishes for my BEST life. There are 12 because 12 is my favorite number.

In my BEST Life, I have:
1. A fit and healthy body.
2. An intelligent and curious mind that keeps up with all the Apple software and updates.
3. My two girlfriends who think I’m simply the BEST.
4. Not a single trace of cellulite on my body.
5. A tummy tuck surgery scheduled on my calendar.
6. 53m ++ in the bank.
7. Front row seats at the Oscar and I’m nominated for BEST actress.
8. Lucrative speaking engagements all over the country.
9. Many BEST-selling books because I’m a BEST-selling author.
10. Sons who are the BEST at their careers and they are happy and cool human beings.
11. A condo at the Edsa Shangrila in Manila and an apartment in Manhattan.
12. A beach house in Maui for spending all the Christmas holidays.

What’s your BEST life look like?

Dear God,

You said, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. (Matthew 7:7)”

I have made my list. If it is your will and for my highest good, I would love to have all my heart’s desires.

If having even half of my list would just be superficial and cause my head to swell up, forgive me.

Today, bless every member of my family, every friend, and all the people I don’t know.
Give each of us the desire to dream big and do good things.
And help us understand that when much is given, much is expected.



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50 something, mother of two, married, grandson named Napoleon. Love to go to the gym, watch films, act, write, jog, walk 10 miles with my husband, wine and travel. I"m a double tall, NF latte with half a pump of mocha with whip cream.

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