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You Are Not Here To Take Up Space, Part 2

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With my boys gone I have time to find what interests and delights me. 

What gives me confidence.

I was open to possibilities of what that might be and hungry to find it. A nagging feeling was inside me.

I asked for God’s guidance. Two things happened.

One day, I’m at Starbucks sitting with my latte when I hear
someone next to me tutoring an elderly lady on how to text her grandson.

With the technical world changing so fast I feel inept. I’m not computer smart, so I fear the big box in front of me when I write. I might hit a button and it’ll explode. I get the same feeling with my cell. 

Bruce, the instructor, must have sensed all this from how I looked over and took an interest in what he was saying to his student. He handed me his card.

Last Tuesday, I had my computer class with him. We covered the iOS8 and the iPhone6s. OS means stands for Operating Systems, Bruce explained. The OS is like the engine of a car. Aha. Yes, I get it now.

I got out of the class smarter and more confident than when
I walked in. I know I’m meant to take this class. It excites me.
It lifts me up out of the dark and that feeling left out and frustrated. I can’t wait for next week.

There is a church by my home. I go there for quiet time. I say, “OK God, I know there’s more for me to do. Where do you want me?”

A friend of mine, Elena, calls me up. She mentioned joining her bible class once again.
“Come check it out.”
“Sure, I’ll join you. After that, let’s have lunch with wine. What are you studying this year?”
“The life of Moses.”

Interesting. Ha, wasn’t I thinking about Moses the other day?
It’s a sign.
The decision was made. I’m taking bible class for one year.

From The Alchemist:
“He still had some doubts about the decision he had made. But he was able to understand one thing: making a decision was only the beginning of things. When someone makes a decision, he is really driving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.”

In bible study fellowship, we all meet in the sanctuary. There are about 100 of us singing praises to the Lord. After that we branch off into a smaller groups to discuss Moses.

Looking around, I’m thinking there’s room for growth here.
Where does God want me? In what capacity can God use me?

I’m part of a group now. One day, I can lead one.

Each time I leave my class, I’m filled with excitement. I can’t wait for
next week. That’s a great feeling! When you have excitement
all over your body that means you are meant to be there.

Christopher , my son who lives in Manila, plays basketball
for a living. I asked him two months ago when I saw him
during a visit, “You still enjoy playing?  You’ve been
playing basket ball for 15 years.”
“Mom, I like it. I get to perform.”
When he said that, I realized his stage is the basketball court. That is where God wants him to be. He is  using all the gifts God gave him.

God desires that for all of his children.

You never know where a path will lead.
Our job is to remain open. The path we are on will lead us to our best self. Trust the God of the universe knows what he is doing.

We are here for a purpose.
What were you meant to do on this planet?
Then, do it.

What feeds your soul?
Find it.
What is your desire?
Live it.

Dear God,

When we see arrows pointing in all directions on our path, we get so confused. Help us clearly see what direction you want us to go. We want to hear your voice say, “This is the way.”

Thank you for listening to our prayers and requests.
Thank you for our answered prayers.



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