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Wendy’s and Baskin and Robbins

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“No crying,” I say.

I am talking to myself.
It’s August 7, 2013, 10:30 a.m. I drop my son Ralph off
at the airport. He is leaving on a jet plane and I don’t
know when he will be back. I hate to see him leave.
That day, a part of me goes with him to New York.
There, he will chase his dream of getting into films and being independent.
He tells me, “Mom, I love the vibe of New York.”
“Well, of course you do, dear. You are 24 years old.”

On the freeway, I drive straight to Wendy’s.
I order the triple bypass meal:
A triple cheese burger with two pieces of bacon,
lettuce, mustard, onions, large fries, and
large diet coke.
After that, I drive across the street to Baskin-Robbins
to order three giant scoops of chocolate chip mint on
a waffle cone. I want to fill the gap in my heart.

Food makes everything nice and will make
me feel good, right? I end up with a stomach ache.
I am in bed by noon!

My favorite line from the play August: Osage County
goes like this:
“Thank God we can’t tell the future. We’d never
get out of bed.”
I love that line! If I knew my boys would head to
careers in New York and
Manila, I would have stayed
under the covers.

Do you recall dropping off your young adult
son or daughter at the airport to start college
or move to a new city or country? What did you
do? Did you cry or jump for joy?
Share it with me.

Let’s pray.

Dear God,
Thank you for our children. The years
of raising them went by quickly. Next thing you know
we are taking them to the airport or driving them to
their college of choice. Help me and the rest of
the moms out there to LET GO of our offspring
and with your guidance may they find what they
are looking for. Amen.







Author: lolaguerrero

50 something, mother of two, married, grandson named Napoleon. Love to go to the gym, watch films, act, write, jog, walk 10 miles with my husband, wine and travel. I"m a double tall, NF latte with half a pump of mocha with whip cream.

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