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50-something empty-nest-search-for-God-and-happiness with more than a dash of humor

The World According To Lola

IMG_3272Hi Everyone,

I’m Lola Guerrero and welcome to my world.

I have been blogging for a year and half year. Last November, I felt inspired to start video blogs. So, without hesitation I went with the flow.
I know something about inspiration. If you don’t listen to it, it will leave you and go to someone else like Taylor Swift,
Marianne Williamson, or Brad Pitt.

Now another inspiration has come along–I decided to change my home page. Is this your first time reading my home page? Great! I hope you keep coming back.

Here is a list that describes my exciting life:

Ol’ Wise One and I have two boys who both live far away. I’m OK they live far . . . if they lived two blocks from me I would be a helicopter mom and thrive under those conditions.

I have one grandson Napoleon who is now two years old. I love him to pieces.
That’s him feeding the rabbit.
I believe in God, his Son, and the Holy Spirit.
My go to drinks are coffee and wine.

Blogging is a form of self expression and I thank you for your support and for stopping by to look at my site. Keep coming back because I will keep on writing and making videos.

You can count on that!

A glass of wine for your comments:

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